Rerucha goes full out with Future Legacies


Grace Rerucha

Sophomore Grace Rerucha and her dance team Future Legacies practice for Hip Hop International Dance Championship in Los Angeles.

Exuding confidence, sophomore Grace Rerucha and Future Legacies, her hip hop dance team, take the competition stage. The audience watches as they hit move after move, trick after trick, waiting to see what other show-stopping moments they will execute in their routine.

DLD Dance Center owner and Future Legacies director Dyanna Daniels has been teaching Rerucha since she was seven years old and knows her entertaining performance quality is what helps keep the team motivated on stage.

“She is always a positive force that is hyping everyone up and telling everyone ‘we got this.’ On stage, she goes hard and gives her all to the choreography, facials and overall performance. She motivates others and it is really amazing to see,” Daniels said.

Being on stage is a familiar setting for Rerucha. She began her dance career at the age of two after being signed up for dance classes at her current dance studio, DLD.

“I got into dancing because of hearing about DLD. One of my friends had been taking a class there and my mom signed me up for one too. From there, I fell in love with dance and wanted to continue it at DLD for years to come,” Rerucha said.

However, her longtime goal was to make Future Legacies, the advanced pre-professional hip hop team at her dance studio.

“I have wanted to be on Future Legacies ever since I got into the DLD Company. It was always the end goal and the place I wanted to reach throughout my dance journey. I have been a part of Future Legacies for three years now,” Rerucha said.

Being on this team does not go without its challenges. Most hip hop groups in the Chicagoland area consist of adults, causing Rerucha and the other Future Legacies to compete against older and more experienced dancers.

In order to keep up with their competition, Rerucha endures a consistent practice schedule with her team.

“We practice two times a week, one day devoted to an hour and a half of fitness and foundations. The other day is committed to learning choreography and getting our set ready to compete; we practice these days for two and a half hours. However, to prepare us and make us stronger as a team, we take other classes throughout the week,” Rerucha said.

Daniels describes Rerucha’s work ethic during these rehearsals.

“Her work ethic is amazing and something that is rare for her age. She is always able to give her all to DLD whether dancing or teaching and still give her all to school and her other activities. She never complains and always sets an amazing example for her peers,” Daniels said.

Rerucha’s teammate Mason White also finds her work ethic to be a driving factor of encouragement during Future Legacies’ rehearsals.

“Grace inspires me as a teammate because of how hardworking she is. She is so positive and ready for anything. Whenever we are working on one of our dances, she’s always the one that keeps everyone motivated,” White said.

Their rigorous practice schedule and hard work seems to be paying off, as Future Legacies often finds themselves holding top placements at competitions against some of the best teams in the industry.

“Some competitions we’ve done are Headliners, Monsters of Hip Hop, Prelude, World of Dance, Masterpiece and Hip Hop International. At Headliners and Monsters, we have received first places. At Hip Hop International, our routines received 5th, 8th and 13th, which are all really great,” Rerucha said.

Her team is not just bonded on the dance floor, but outside of the competition circuit as well. Rerucha describes the community of the team as “amazing,” saying they are all “really close” outside of the studio.

“Whether it be in dance class or outside of the studio, my teammates always support each other no matter what. It’s also really great that my team knows how to have fun, yet work really hard at the same time,” Rerucha said.

As Rerucha begins looking to her future outside of Future Legacies, she reflects on what her time on the team has taught her, as well as where she hopes to be when her competitive career is over.

“After my time on Future Legacies, I hope to be more well rounded as a human and as a dancer. The team has taught me so much about being a good person and I hope to continue growing as my time continues on the team. After my time on Future Legacies, I want to look back and remember all the good times, skills and life changing people who made me the person I am today,” Rerucha said.