DGS students: Their experiences with students and masks


While mask wearing is still being required by the state, DGS, and its staff members will continue to enforce this policy.

Since early 2020, masks have become an essential aspect of many people’s lives. For some, grabbing a mask before leaving the house has become as natural as breathing. Now with full in-person school days, masks are as necessary as ever to some people in order to protect every student and staff member.

According to DGS teachers, most students have been keeping their masks up, but there are still some mask wearing issues. Biology teacher Christopher Gales described the specific violations seen with students and their masks.

“For the most part everyone’s been very cooperative. There are a few students who I think that it has just become habit where they let it fall down so that its covering their mouth but not their nose, and I have to remind them. But once I remind them, they’re fine putting it back,” Gales said.

English teacher Maryellen Podmokly also talked about her experiences with getting students to keep their masks on.

“I think I’ve been surprised overall. Most students are doing their best to follow the right protocols and ensure the safety of others. There have been some students who, for various reasons, have struggled with wearing their masks,” Podmokly said.

As of right now, the student population has been doing a successful enough job of wearing their masks to keep DGS on an in-person learning path. Podmokly also commented on strategies that she has found useful in ensuring that all of her students have their faces covered.

“I try to use humor to chivvy them into wearing their mask right. I try to approach it as this is something we all need to do, we’re all uncomfortable, we’d rather all not have to do it, but we’re all in the same boat. I’ve tried to remind students that it’s not just about their personal safety, it’s about the safety of others,” Podmokly said.

While mask wearing is still being required by the state, DGS and its staff members, will continue to enforce this policy.