New renovations impact learning environment


Kaitlyn Berryman

This new science classroom is located in the building extension on the second floor.

On Aug. 13, the first day of school, DGS had opened the doors of the brand new classrooms to the students and faculty. The new addition near the C-wing has provided more space for the students and teachers, and it could impact learning.

One of the noticeable features in these new classrooms is the flexibility it provides for the students. With larger spaces and more materials, students are given more opportunities in the classroom. Senior Paige Antiporek speaks from her personal experience in the new classrooms.

“Personally, I have yearbook class in one of the new classrooms on the first floor of the new addition, and just the environment, and the way the room is set up with all the computers, and [how they are] able to kind of disappear into the tabletop helps for good conversation which is important for the class that I am in,” Antiporek said.

However, the yearbook classrooms aren’t the only new rooms that have new features for students. Antiporek explains her view of the new classrooms and their effect on the students.

“[The classrooms] are so versatile for every student that has any of those classes,” Antiporek said.

On top of the noticeable physical changes to the new classrooms, there are also many new updates to some of the materials in the rooms that have changed the way students learn. One of the many material updates in the classroom is the addition of advanced technology.

Teacher James Workman experiences the changes first hand and explains the benefits of the new technology.

“I put a model, diagram, or something on the screen, and I can annotate it directly and show [the students] more about what’s on the model,” Workman said.

With this new technology, students are able to see direct annotations from the teacher changing the learning style in the science classrooms. This technology helps both the students and the teachers.

With the renovations in the classrooms, one thing that has increased is the size of the classrooms. The size of the classrooms allow for the storage of more materials.

“The size is great…We [have] lots of storage both for teacher storage and as well as student storage for projects,” Workman said.

With the increase in the classroom size, challenges may arise such as students in the back not being able to see. However these rooms were designed specifically with that in mind, by having a whiteboard on each side of the classroom projecting the same thing.

“In a lot of our science rooms the distance between the student and what they are looking at is a long distance. [In the new classrooms] it doesn’t have to be,” Workman said.

DGS hopes to see more classrooms like these in the future.