10 ways to use the commons

Jake Hahn

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March 2022
March 24, 2022

Jake Hahn

Before class begins at DGS, our commons are quiet and comfy.

Downers Grove South’s new learning commons area is vast. Through this space open to the student body, several exciting uses for the area have been discovered. Here are 10 of the ways to use our new commons.

10. Plug your devices in

Nearly everywhere you look in the updated learning commons, you will find an outlet. Not everyone needs to plug in their phones or chromebook, so there’s bound to be an open place plug in somewhere by a comfortable new seat. Relax with friends while your chromebook charges for your next class.

9. Do some homework

Doing homework in the commons is not a crazy concept; it’s half of what the area was built for. The commons area and private study rooms are quiet throughout all non-lunch periods so that students can study in a school environment without the stress of being watched. Not to mention, the commons are also open before first period starts for those who need to perfect an assignment or two.

8. Meet new friends

Before school and during lunch hours, the commons are a melting pot of every student at the school. Meeting someone new is as simple as sitting at a new table or talking to someone in front of you in the lunch line. Use the new space as an excuse to make this year your most social yet.

7. Eat some food from the cafe

In addition to expanded seating, DGS also added a new cafe for students and staff. Try out the new menu with friends and use it to your overall convenience. The cafe is your one stop shop for a midday pick-me-up.

6. Listen to a radio show

Blueprint radio will be operating student-run shows during all lunch periods once the new studio is fully set up. Feel free to sing or dance along to the hottest new songs chosen specifically by members of the student body.

5. Check out a study room

The learning commons contain windowed rooms for private study. These rooms offer places for students to sit in peace. If you need a quiet place to get some work done solo or with a group, the study rooms are the way to go.

4. Visit your counselors

The open floor plan of the learning commons promotes easy access to the many departments and offices of DGS. Any student can schedule appointments with their counselors to ask any questions or voice concerns about their school experience or plan for their future. Finding these offices has never been easier.

3. Feel the breeze on the patio

The new patio on the courtyard is also available for use during lunch periods, which is an appreciated addition to the lunchtime monotony. Sometimes sitting in the sun and breathing some fresh air is just what a student needs to revitalize them for the end of the day.

2. See how fellow students improvise

Sometimes it’s smart to just kick back and take in all of the wonderful, creative things that your fellow students do. For starters, there’s the student run spikeball tournament which always draws a large crowd on the patio during fifth period. Whatever you may be focusing on, fellow students of all grades can open the door to many exciting ways to use the commons.

1. Refuel

Classwork can be incredibly draining for anyone so taking some time in the learning commons to relax and blow off some steam. Whether it’s doing anything listed above or just simply eating your lunch, the commons offer a large area for any student to take a load off and regain some energy for the rest of their days. Prioritize doing what you need to do in order to make it through the day.