Junior Allison Branch kick flips her way into summer


Anika Brown

Junior Allison Branch began skating at the age of 14, and is getting better every single day.

During the last year with COVID-19, many teenagers have tried to find a new hobby to keep themselves occupied. One popular hobby is taking up skateboarding. Junior Allison Branch began skating right after middle school and found it to be one of  her favorite pastimes.

Q: When did you start skating?
A: “I started around the age of 14, with a few of my friends and once I realized I wanted to stay with it, I bought my own board.”

Q: Why did you start skateboarding?
A: “A few of my friends were doing it and I thought I would just give it a try and I found out I really loved it.”

Q: How have you met people through skateboarding?
A: “I guess there’s a sense of community and everyone is just kind of there for each other.”

Q: What are some of your favorite local skate spots?
A: “I really like Jane’s Avenue Park, which is quite popular, but any street will do.”

Q: What advice would you give someone who’s a beginner?
A: “I would just say that it takes time to actually get comfortable riding and just be confident in yourself. It’s kind of cliche to say, but I mean it’s true: don’t give up, and just keep trying.”