COVID-19 pandemic pushes students into unemployment


Jeremy Cinco

Many restaurants like Another Round sit vacant as COVID-19 restrictions have pushed restaurant-goers outside.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, youth unemployment has increased by approximately 1.8 million this past year due to COVID-19 leaving many students out of work.

In July of 2019, 56.2% of people ages of 16-24 were employed. Many students this age apply for a job in hopes of learning new skills, receiving extra money and learning responsibility however with an increase in youth unemployment, many students have been left without a job and these benefits.

Career and Technology teacher Mark Molinari spoke on youth employment.

“…out of our juniors and seniors, I would say probably just a little over 50% do [have a job],” Molinari said.

Due to COVID-19, many places such as restaurants, retail stores and movie theaters have been closed down. These places are extremely popular with teenagers, as they usually hire many high school students. Because of the shutdown, many students have lost their jobs.

Molinari was previously a work program teacher at DGS and has seen kids in many lines of work.

“I’ve seen kids work in a variety of different places. A lot of classic jobs like people working at Delta Sonic… I’ve seen people work at Jewel… typical high school jobs where they’re in retail,” Molinari said.

Many working students rely on money from their job to help their families. Other students have jobs so they have some extra money to spend it on themselves in any way they feel fit.

Senior Cameron Childers previously worked at the Cinemark at Seven Bridges and was let go from his job due to COVID-19.

“[My job] gave me more freedom with my money and the ability to make my own purchases,” Childers said.

Some students who have lost their jobs are still looking for work, as many places are still closed. Other students can find it easy to find a job depending on what job they are looking for with some businesses starting to open back up.