Am I secretly falling in love with Basic Girl Autumn?


Gwendolynne Royle

A PSL in hand, this girl is ready for the fall season.

Ripped skinny jeans, knee-high boots, seasonal sweater, huge scarf and a very big hat. What does this remind you of? To some it reminds them of a nice fall outfit to walk around through the leaves with a PSL (pumpkin spices latte) in hand, to others though, this is something that people mock, laugh at and pick on – basic girl autumn.

Now I don’t hate the idea of being a part of this, being a woman to walk down the streets, confident in her outfit that five others wear in her eyesight, ready to take on the world one crunch of a leaf at a time. My problem is the lack of variety, now don’t get me wrong, I love the plaid in twenty other colors, or even just a plain green scarf wrapped too many times to count. Where I draw the line is the overall outfit, your telling me skinny jeans and boots is all you can come up with?

If I were ever to participate in this I would maybe wear some overalls to give me that lumberjack feel (also I’m obsessed with overalls right now like it’s not even funny) and have some converse completed with the iconic hat and sweater duo.

This may not be everyone’s style and that’s fine but to some, just thinking of the many mothers and even some teens that fit into this category might be scary, this creates a feeling of being left out to others. This joke that is placed on them only because they like huge scarves and tops that swaddle them into a nice combination of warmth and nostalgia for the simpler times where walking in the leaves and smiling was just what everyone used to do in the good old days.

So why shame these people who want to dress like this? Simple it’s boring, basic girl autumn is just that – basic. There is no diversity in the scarves, no representation to the turtleneck groupies or even just jeans that aren’t skinny.

Now you’re probably wondering if you accidentally fit into this look – and if you’re asking then yes 1000% you are. Who just accidentally wears a huge scarf? But who cares, that is your outfit to wear and you better walk into that Starbucks and grab that PSL with pride.

What a shocker, the gay man actually likes the look but there is somewhat of simplicity in the basic girl autumn outfits that makes me comfortable or just understanding of them. Maybe it reminds me of four years ago when I was exploring my sexuality and I wore a big scarf because it was “feminine” or maybe it’s because the aesthetic just screams warm and cozy but we shouldn’t pick on someone for looking like this.

I personally am being hypocritical but poking fun at this is what keeps people sane, especially during times when the world seems fuzzy. There shouldn’t be the pressure to change your look because of others but understanding the joke goes a long way. So whenever you are feeling a little chilly, don’t forget your huge scarf and PSL.