‘Tower of God’ — an anime review


Drey McGrew

Tower of God episodes are now being streamed on Crunchyroll.

There is only one goal — reach the top of the tower. “Tower of God” is a new anime that premiered on April 1. of 2020. In this 13 episode adaptation of Lee Jong Hwi’s Manga, watchers will follow as protagonist Bam and Rachel attempt to climb the Tower of God.

The story follows Bam, a young teen with a mysterious past who feels indebted to his friend Rachel, who once saved him and was a helping hand in Bam’s life.

In the first episode of “Tower of God,” Bam and Rachel are seen entering the Tower of God together, the reward of climbing the Tower is to be granted any wish in the universe. Knowing this, Rachel willingly enters the tower even though it is deemed dangerous for the strongest of warriors to attempt. Bam carelessly attempts to follow Rachel and ends up getting sucked into the Tower as well.

Despite entering the tower within seconds of each other, Bam has come to realize they have been separated from each other. After entering the tower with no actual desire to climb it, Bam is now faced with the challenge of climbing the tower himself and finding where Rachel went.

This anime has the potential to be among the big hits of the new generation of anime, a unique mysterious story that is slowly being unraveled as the anime progresses is something that viewers haven’t had in a long time.

You can watch the “Tower of God” on any anime website, Crunchyroll app on your phone, or any other streaming device. “Tower of God” doesn’t follow a weekly release date so you just need to be conscious about new episodes dropping every six to eight days.