What your Valentine’s Day will be like based on your sign


Tatum Mitchell

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, read your horoscope to find out where your love life is going this year.

You’re cuffed this Valentine’s Day. Your energy is enticing, and you’re content with your relationship status right now. Go have fun with your partner, maybe get dinner and go rock climbing — be adventurous.

Things are complicated right now in your love life. Try putting some differences aside and have a night in with your Valentine on Friday evening.

You are single as a Pringle this time around, and chances are that you’ve been single every Valentine’s Day. This isn’t a bad thing — you are extremely independent, and you do not need a partner in your life to have a fun weekend.

Cancer, you are such a sweetheart. You’re very soft and thoughtful, and you probably have a cute date or friend’s night planned for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, a lack of effort from your partner or friend upsets you because you are usually the one who tries the most. Hang in there and have fun.

You want attention this year, from your partner or best friend. You want to feel appreciated and feel that your date is invested in you. Give them a hand in planning your outing for Friday, and it’ll be fun and flirty for sure.

You are very attentive, and you take a lot of notice to details in other people’s demeanor. You have a very, well, strong personality, but your Valentine loves that about you. You’re very practical, but you should try doing something outside your comfort zone this Friday. Maybe take a trip to Chicago or go ice-skating with your date.

You have numerous Valentines. Chances are that you’re currently trying to schedule all of your dates this weekend. You are extremely charming, and you attract a lot of people, so enjoy all those chocolates you’re going to receive. Have a good time.

Scorpio, you are really passionate, and you know what you want from those in your life. You might be disappointed in your Valentine’s Day, but remember that everyone has different standards.

You are a dreamer for sure. Your head is not in the clouds, but you are very idealistic. Most likely, you have already imagined your perfect Valentine’s Day with your crush. I say go for it — ask them out. You never know what could happen.

You are the grinch of Valentine’s Day. You hate it a lot. You definitely tried to get out of all of your potential plans for Friday. Give it a rest and humor your date this weekend. Go out and try to have fun.

Aquarius, you have a new crush just in time for this Valentine’s Day. You like feeling free and yourself with your feelings. Shoot your shot, ask them out.

You’re single this Valentine’s Day and you are pretty much fine with that. Have a friends night out, or in, if that’s more your speed. You do you, Pisces.