Weekly horoscope


Kira Matheson

This week's life-altering prediction based off of your astrological sign.

Aries – Your stress levels will be high this week, so why not try some new self-care tactics? Music is an excellent escape, so ask your friends for new recommendations. Everything has a way of sorting itself out, so just go with the flow.

Taurus – Your social ties are being tested this week. Reach out to those that need it and try to forge new connections. This week brings friendship conflict, so support those close to you. They will appreciate it and return the favor in no time.

Gemini – For the next couple days, be wary of big decisions. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and this is especially true for you, Gemini. Your duality sometimes causes faulty reasoning and makes it difficult to find clarity. Be patient in conflict.

Cancer – Try to be in control of your emotions this week rather than letting them have control of you. You feel things extremely deeply, but that often clouds your judgment. Think objectively and with set goals in mind.

Leo – Life will treat you kindly, Leo. Your confidence both personally and academically will skyrocket this week. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off. In all aspects of life, you are killing it.

Virgo – This week will be rather hectic for you. With finals approaching, your work ethic has kicked into overdrive. Remember to take deep breaths, prioritize your health, and know that your grades don’t define you.

Libra – This past week has been rough for you but look to this one with open eyes. Shed all of the negativity that’s been weighing you down. Live for the future and don’t dwell on petty drama, for the best is yet to come. Libra, you’ve got this!

Scorpio – As Scorpio season is in full swing, you’re at your peak. This week brings success for you in your professional and personal life. However, know that what you put into the world will come back to you, so choose to be kind to others.

Sagittarius – With Thanksgiving break rapidly approaching, you are living for the festivity. Your social skills are ready to be shown off, and you relish the holiday season. However, this week will be a test of strength as you play the waiting game until turkey day.

Capricorn – Now is the time to be generous. Plan a surprise for someone you care about and watch them glow. This week encourages rational thought and empathetic action from you, Capricorn. It is your job to make your loved ones feel admired

Aquarius – Be prepared for the unexpected. The course of your life may be thrown for a loop this week. It is your choice to welcome the chaos or ignore it. A little change never hurt anyone and could be beneficial for you.

Pisces – Your creative juices are flowing this week! Try to tackle that DIY project you’ve been putting off. Surround yourself with good friends and live life to the fullest. You’re setting the stage for the rest of the year.