DGS Operation Snowball introduces new director process


Bella Oberg

The fall Snowball directors preparing for their upcoming Snowball event.

A new director process has been introduced to the Operation Snowball program at DGS. The program is designed as a “community of caring” and emphasizes leadership and kindness among high schoolers. Directors and leaders are both chosen in a selective process before the events take place in November and March. 

Originally the director process was split between both events; however, this year’s director process took place on the same application with one specific deadline. Snowball sponsor Derek Hoovel speaks on how the old director process is different from the new one.

“We had so many awesome candidates we decided to interview them all this fall. We knew we could pick two great sets right now. Why have everybody re-interview and go through the whole process again? We thought if we do [the interviews] all now and everyone is set, then all the directors will already be in place …We can already be up and running as soon as this Snowball is finished,” Hoovel said.  

This process is one that was modeled after DGN changed their director process last year. Snowball Sponsor Amy Murphy speaks on their inspiration for the change. 

“We decided to try [the interview process] this way because DGN had done it this way for at least a year or two, and they’ve seen some success with it. We decided to try it this way and evaluate after the whole year of Snowball is done,” Murphy said. 

Fall director Bella Oberg speaks about the different perspectives director prospects could have had when the process was changed. She speaks on one possible negative regarding the process. 

“Seniors that were leaders for the first time in the fall would be able to be a director in the winter if they wanted that opportunity; however, the option to do that was taken away when they chose to make all people who wanted to be a director for fall or winter apply during the fall,” Oberg said. 

The change in director applications is not only seen as negative, however. Murphy speaks on one positive outcome of the process change.

“I know that coming up we can have a little more time with our winter directors  because we already know who they are. We don’t have to spend that time interviewing [them] again. That’s a process that takes multiple days, so we know we’re going to save that time,” Murphy says. 

In order to become a director, you must work as a leader beforehand. Oberg speaks about the impact of Snowball and her experience working as a leader. 

“I love being a leader in activities like this, so it was really fun to get involved in something I love. I was able to have an impact on so many people,” Oberg said.

Although the application process is  different from last year, the fall directors have been working hard for the event, which takes place Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, 2019. Senior director Colin Vorreyer talks about how the preparation for the event has been.

“You have to do a lot of studying material yourself just know what you have to do to make Snowball the best that it can be … I am extremely excited, but also a little nervous talking in front of 200 kids. I just want to make it a good time and make sure everyone enjoys it [Snowball],” Vorreyer said.  

The four other senior directors are Grace Wilson, Marley Jakubczak, Ana Grogan and Sarah Barber.