Frozen treats arrive in cafeteria


Drey McGrew

The ice cream freezer located behind the check-out lines in the cafeteria.

DGS welcomes new ice cream freezers in the cafeteria, there are a variety of flavors to choose from in the freezer.

Principal Ed Schwartz spoke on why DGS has made this decision.

“Likely, it was the foodservice provider who made the decision on adding it,” Schwartz said.

All ice creams are under two dollars and are only available during lunch periods. ice cream during breakfast (7:15-7:55) is unavailable, the freezer is locked during that time.

Junior Joe Davison talks about why he believes adding the ice cream freezer was a good idea.

 “It is really a good idea for them to put in ice cream in our lunchroom, School lunch has never been good before but now I have something to look forward to,” Davison said.

Junior Eric Boleaga talks about his experience with the new ice cream.

“I honestly did not find out about the ice cream until two days ago but that was because I bring my own lunch. Now that I know it’s here I am going to eat it every day for sure,” Boleaga said.

Davison also expresses his top two favorite ice cream flavors to get.

”The lemon sherbert is easily my favorite ice cream to get, but when there is orange sherbert I get that too,” Davison said

Not only are there fruit flavors, but there are also chocolate flavors as well. There are ice cream sandwiches, chocolate scoops with caramel on an ice cream cone and others.

Junior Eric Boleaga spoke on his feelings toward the new ice cream freezer.

“The new ice cream is the best thing they have added to school lunch since I’ve been here,” Boleaga said.