DGS referendum construction is ‘more than on time’


Jack Blazevich

The projected end date of the MFP is in the fall of 2021. 

With phase A of the DGS Master Facility Plan nearing completion, phases B and C are in motion, and the construction at DGS is “more than on time.”

DGS Principal Ed Schwartz is involved with this project and explains what he knows is going on. 

This whole construction project going on in District 99 costs $136.6 million in total. The amount that DGS has received is “about 67 to 70 million and there was $9 million in total done just this summer,” Schwartz said. 

The construction happening at DGS is on time and ahead of schedule. Out of the three phases in the construction happening at DGS, phase A is pretty much complete. Phase B should be complete by the end of this year and phase C should be completed by the fall of 2021. 

Schwartz explains the setbacks and goals for the Wight Construction Co. and how they are adhering to the timeline. 

“I would say it is more than on time. I was skeptical that they weren’t going to get the amount of work done in the summer that they got done,” Schwartz said.

“I am pleasantly surprised about the amount of work that has been done. And they are even moving on phase B too. I’d say in the next three or four weeks you will be seeing some blockwells and steel going up. That will be cool [seeing things fall into place],” Schwartz said.  

DGS junior Josie Gadzala has her own take on all of the construction going on and where she thinks the project’s timeline is. As a varsity cheerleader, Gadzala has been around the school a lot during the summer and has witnessed a lot of improvements. 

“I think it has been on time… At least it looks like it is on time. I mean the field is done, that new entrance is done, and I feel that they [Wight construction co.] have been working hard on everything so far,” Gadzala said. “I think what they have done so far looks very nice, but in some of my classes where they are working, it can be very loud and distracting to me when doing important things such as taking tests and quizzes.” 

The projected end date of the MFP is in the fall of 2021. 

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