Top Ten Tuesday: Essential Oils


Alyssa Deplaris

Once you replace your toxic candles with an essential oil diffuser, your life will be changed for the better.

Many people have jumped onto the trend of using essential oils; the healthier alternative to lighting a candle. The essential oil diffuser is simple, you fill the machine with water, add a few droplets of oil and joyful aromas spread into the air. As an essential oil enthusiast, I have smelled hundreds of oils but concluded which ones give me the most joy. 

10. Chamomile 

Chamomile is supposed to relax you, but I often feel nauseous after smelling it. The only reason it made the top 10 list is that when mixed with other oils, the aroma balances to a pleasant calming smell. 

9. Vanilla

This oil is great for someone who is having candle withdrawals. Vanilla is a healthier alternative to the classic cupcake candle but without the toxic chemicals. 

8. Spearmint

If you are someone who praises mint gum, then this oil is for you. It gives you that vibe of opening a full and fresh pack of gum on the first day of school. 

7. Sandalwood

The perfect oil that makes you feel like you are sleeping in a cabin on a cool fall morning. This oil consists of wood and fruit undertones with a slight floral smell, but it’s not something I would want to smell all year long. 

6. Thieves 

Thieves is the oil I am reaching for when I have strep throat and a 102-degree fever during finals week. The spicy and rich smell helps boost the immune system while fighting all the germs I have contracted from the thousands of kids at school. However, I only find myself praising thieves when I am sick during the winter months. 


This oil may not be the first choice for everyone, but it is a classic with many diverse uses. It is an excellent bug repellent, so there is no need for the sticky “bug-repelling” sprays that hardly ever block the mosquitoes. 


The orange essential oil is one I need to be in the mood for, but when I am, it works like magic. It’s an excellent mood booster and perfect for the spring and summer months. 


Peppermint essential oil can be comparable to coffee. The peppermint oil gives you a refreshing morning burst of energy which is what I need on a daily basis to function. 

2.Cinnamon cassia 

With the fall months upon us, cinnamon cassia is what your guests want to smell on Thanksgiving. I will definitely be using this oil from October-December to get in the holiday spirit. 


Lavender essential oil is my motivation to finish my homework and get eight hours of sleep. The calming aromas put me into relaxation mode, which makes me sleep like a baby. This oil is one to stay all year round.