Q&A: Kaitlyn Swider dances her way through life


Photo courtesy to Kaitlyn Swider

Junior Kaitlyn Swider and senior Sarah Scehovic at a football game.

Junior Kaitlyn Swider is on the DGS Fillies team and has been dancing since the age of three. With a love for music that started since birth thanks to her mom, Swider finds relief in the art of dance.

Q: What part of dancing do you enjoy most?

A: I love being part of a team and spending time with friends, it’s like I have a family outside of my actual family. Sometimes I just like the art of dancing itself, it’s something I love to do and has always been my favorite past time.

Q: Do you enjoy more: competitive dancing or dancing just for fun?

A: I like both. I think competitive dancing is really fun with a team while dancing for fun is more for myself.

Q: Do you dance outside of school?

A: No, I’m only on the DGS varsity dance team and I’m part of the club Orchesis. Each is completely different from the other but that’s what I like about them: that there’s variation.

Q: Is there anything that challenges you when you dance?

A: Honestly, just the stress and pressure competitions put on you. You have to literally be perfect because if you mess up you’re letting your whole team down, not just yourself.

Q: Do you plan on continuing your dancing career in the future?

A: I don’t want to go professional, but I do plan on dancing in my free time. In college, I’ll probably end up joining a club.