Top 10 Tuesday: turning 18 isn’t as fun as it seems


An actual photo of me on my eighteenth birthday, observe my mismatched candles in the photo.

Turning 18 may seem like the best thing in the world because there are new ‘fun’ things you can now do that you could not do while you were a minor. However,

1. You can now be charged with a felony

Congratulations, now that you’re a legal adult you can go to real prison — not juvenile detention.

2. You can begin voting

Now you get to be pressured by young hipsters to vote and ‘change the world’ while simultaneously being pressured by your grandparents to vote and ‘keep everything the same.’

3. You can now be drafted

Now that you’re 18 you can fight for your country. You still can’t sit down and have a beer with your dad though, you’ll have to wait till you’re 21 for that.

4. You’re old enough to use a tanning bed

Now you may sit in tanning beds day after day and become the leather handbag you have always wanted to be.

5. Suddenly you’re expected to take care of yourself

Now when you ask your mom “What are we having for dinner?” she can look at you with a smirk and will say, “I don’t know — you’re an adult, figure it out.”

6. You can now buy lottery tickets

As if I wasn’t already broke from eating Chipotle so much, now I can spend my money on false hope of gaining more money.

7. Vaping is legal

Now that you’re 18, you can become addicted to nicotine for no apparent reason — legally.

8. You can get a tattoo

Tattoos seem like the dream for ages 0 – 17, but now that you can legally get them. They’re just one more thing you’ll spend a lot of money on.

9. No longer being able to buy a child priced movie ticket

You may still look 12 years old, but because you want to see R-rated movies, you now can pay $12.50 for that ticket.

10. You can now get kicked out of your home

I’m not saying this terrible thing will happen to you once you turn 18, I’m just saying the next time your mom asks you to do the dishes — do them.