Top 10 Tuesday: Condiments

A few of the more popular condiment items, such as mayonnaise and ketchup.

A few of the more popular condiment items, such as mayonnaise and ketchup.

10. Worcestershire Sauce
Ah yes, a true classic. Worcestershire sauce is perhaps the most underrated item on this list, as it can be put on top of many different foods. The unique taste of the sauce has its origins in Britain and is associated with an original anchovy sauce, which explains why the fish is used in most sauces.

9. Wasabi
Wasabi is truly the hottest condiment, and for this reason alone deserves a place on this list. While you only eat wasabi in minimal amounts, its explosive and short-lasting flare fires up in your mouth, and you instantly begin to regret that small bite.

8. Salsa
You cannot go wrong with salsa. Salsa is present at every party or social gathering you go to where there is food. You can make salsa very easily using a variety of different ingredients. It is tasty and fresh and somewhat healthy. Salsa is an easy addition to any meal, which solidifies its position on our list.

7. Soy Sauce
Soy sauce makes this list because of the many punches it packs. You can be hit with the ultimate salty sauce or the soy sauce that is used just to add flavors to some food (I’m looking at you, rice). It is another condiment that every household likely has and it is doled out at almost every Chinese restaurant because it is that big of a necessity.

6. Italian Dressing
While I am one of the few people who can afford to eat their salads without a dressing, I felt it would be a crime if I didn’t include a dressing on this list. Alas, this is where Italian dressing comes in, as it is the most popular kind of dressing and adds a refreshing variety of tastes that makes any salad ten times better.

5. Tabasco
Ever since I saw the “60 Minutes” special on the origins of Tabasco sauce and how it’s made in the bayous of Louisiana, I have been enthralled with Tabasco sauce, and it has become a family favorite at the breakfast table. It has the perfect balance of hotness and flavor and is applicable to any of the three meals of the day (I prefer breakfast).

4. Mayonnaise
Now we’re starting to reach the classics. Mayonnaise is what you put on a good sandwich to spice up your lunch or to make an egg salad. It can be put on anything, and this creamy condiment is good and popular enough to crack the top four.

3. Barbecue Sauce
This is my preferable number one, but it would be a disservice to take away from the top two. Barbecue sauce has so many faces, from Sweet Baby Ray’s made right here in Chicago all the way to the tangy Open Pit. There’s just too much goodness with barbecue sauce. Slap it on any meat you’re grilling or smoking, and it enriches the whole meal. Not to mention if you go to any barbecue restaurant, you’re enticed with the two barbecue sauces that you cannot live without: Texas and Kansas City. The sweet Kansas City is home to barbecue, yet the Texas style adds a whole new level of spice when it comes to barbecue sauces. Choose your options folks, but this is wholeheartedly the condiment with the most diversity.

2. Mustard
Well well well. I’m sure you knew it would come to this. It’s these two. Yes yes, they had to be one and two, it’d be an injustice to not put them here. The reason why mustard doesn’t get number one here is that less people like it, and it isn’t used as much as that other condiment that you will read about soon. But mustard presents its own unique flavor that is applicable to every great American food. Burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, you name it. Mustard is everywhere. But not close enough to number one.

1. Ketchup
Ah, here we are. The end. You knew it was going to be ketchup all along, yet I’m sure you were secretly pulling for that one favorite condiment that you love. But no, ketchup is number one here, and rightfully so. It is synonymous with not just condiments but with American food and American brands with it. Heinz’s classic ketchup that everyone has is as known a brand as Ford or Coca-Cola. All it takes is one glimpse, and there’s not one person who doesn’t know what ketchup is. Additionally, it is applicable to all great American foods. Yet what launches it over mustard is the fact that you can have this on any snack. French fries from Portillo’s goes so well with ketchup, and I have to reveal the unfortunate fact that many of my friends like ketchup with foods like pizza or wings. Yes, I think it is disgusting too, but I’m not gonna judge. Ketchup is the king of the condiments and there’s no denying it.