A breakdown of the Stranger Things 3 trailer

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Rachel Ley

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Issue 5
May 19, 2019
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A breakdown of the Stranger Things 3 trailer

The Netflix original show “Stranger Things” has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats since 2016 when the show’s first season was released. The show follows five kids on a quest to save their town of Hawkins, Indiana.

While encountering strange, dangerous beings and uncovering secrets along the way that may have something to do with their new friend, Eleven, their adventures are endless, and a thrill runs high.  

The show is set in the 1980s and is definitely reminiscent of the music, clothes, games and toys that were popular at the time.

Season two was released in 2017, so fans have been waiting long enough for a sign of the new season and have been eager to see what it might hold. In December 2018 the “Stranger Things” Instagram account posted a teaser for the new season that includes the titles of all the episodes which made fans very hyped to see a sign of what’s to come and set to air on July 4.

Later in December they posted a poster for the new season and have been posting short teaser clips until finally a YouTube trailer for “Stranger Things 3” came out on March 20.

The video, lasting just around three minutes, opens with Motley Crue’s song “Home Sweet Home.” There are a couple of signs that the season is set in 1985, including this song which came out in 1985. It also opens in Dustin’s house, and you can see from the first shot of him that he’s wearing a hat that says “camp know where,” with the year on the hat being 85’. This would mean season three is taking place around a year after season two in the storyline.

Dustin is clearly coming back from camp, so we can assume that this season is taking place during the summer, and also because Netflix’s phrase leading up to the release of season three seems to be “one summer can change everything.”

A couple of frames later, we see Dustin’s toys moving and that this is the work of Eleven’s powers, and the rest of the gang is with her in order to surprise Dustin on his homecoming.

Right off the bat, we can tell that the six kids from last season are no longer little, having grown a considerable amount since the last time we saw them. Max is back for season three, so we know she is in the gang for good, which raises questions about how that will change the dynamic of the friend group now that she isn’t considered new anymore.

The friends surprise Dustin and he freaks out (because he assumed his toys are being moved by a supernatural force) and in a panic sprays them with the hairspray bottle we saw Steve give him last season, and then it cuts to the Netflix logo.

As soon as it cuts to the logo, we hear the song “Teenage Wasteland,” which is iconic and gives us an exciting taste of the soundtrack that fans can expect in the upcoming season. Netflix could have chosen this song because of the obvious lyrics and to further emphasize that the crew are in fact teenagers now, which will bring new challenges of its own for them in season three.

The first line of the song also corresponds to the first shot of the kids after the Netflix logo, and we can see them literally in a field building some kind of metal structure that seems to resemble a telephone pole or some kind of electrical structure.

As we know, the group regularly has dealt with the supernatural and otherworldly beings and beings from the Upside Down, so they could be building some way to communicate or to harness Eleven’s powers.

The next shot is of the Hawkins Post building, and then of Nancy and Jonathan sitting inside the building. They both look like they are dressed to impress, so fans can either speculate that they are being interviewed or giving information to the town Newspaper about the events that happened to them, or that they are applying for some type of summer job at the local newspaper.

The cut after this is very important and also very interesting, because we see Billy, Max’s older brother, walking in the community pool with a lifeguard uniform on. The part about this that’s interesting is, one of the episodes for season 3 is going to be called “The case of the missing lifeguard”, so either Billy is going to go missing or the other lifeguard he passes in this scene will, we can assume.

Moving onto the parent figures in the show, fans see a glimpse of what’s to come of the relationship between Chief Jim Hopper (Eleven’s guardian) and Joyce Byers (Will’s mom). In season 2, sparks were flying, but the first shots we see of them in this new trailer can lead fans to believe that they didn’t work out or that tension can be expected in season 3.

Right after that, we can hear dialogue from one of the kids that says “we’re not kids anymore, what did you think we were just gonna sit in my basement and play games for the rest of our lives?”, and this is very important because it shows character development from the crew. They know they are not oblivious kids anymore and that times are changing.

The visuals during this dialogue are both exciting and worrying for fans because we can see both the boys hanging out and Max and Eleven hanging out (which is a bit of an unexpected friendship), but we can also see Will crying over a picture of him, Dustin, Mike and Lucas, which tells us that trouble and tensions between the friend group will rise during this season at least at some point.  

The next shot is of Steve and Dustin messing around while Steve is at work. Fans know that Steve has already won the title of “mom” to the boys (at least in our hearts), and so it’s not out of the ordinary to see him and Dustin interacting in a playful way, so we can anticipate hopefully lots more of Steve in season 3.

The trailer shows a couple shots of “Starcourt Mall”, that we can assume is going to play a very big role in season 3. Episode two of season 3 is titled “The mall rats” and the last episode of season 3 is titled “the battle of Starcourt”. Fans can anticipate the big fight scene between monster and gang happening at the Starcourt mall, because what would a last episode be without a big fight scene.

The next scene in the trailer is of the townspeople of Hawkins seemingly protesting their new mayor, and so fans can tell there will definitely be more plotline surrounding Hawkins as a community and the figures in charge, which will be a change from the past couple seasons.

Going along with the community feel, the shots after the protesting scene are of a fun fair, that is put on by Mayor Kline, who we can only assume is the newly appointed mayor of Hawkins. We can tell that the fun fair isn’t as fun as it seems because there is a shot of Hopper in clear distress, and a shot of a man holding out a gun as to be hunting someone down, both shots while at the fair.

After that, we see some shots of Eleven in the upside down and the darkness and standing on a beach during a lightning strike. We can only assume that she is going to be harnessing some sort of power through the water and that she will need to make a return to the upside down at some point during this season.

A very interesting almost plot twist that we see in the very next scene is Billy standing in the shower looking at his arm… which seems to be infected by something. The color of his wound is scarily similar to that of the blood of the monsters we’ve seen in both seasons one and two, so fans can assume that some kind of disease is spreading secretly around Hawkins, or that a new monster has come to torment the town.

The next few scenes of this trailer are of the kids, in the mall, and they are clearly not alone. There is a new horrific monster that is tormenting them from inside the mall and we can see the rats all running in one direction. We also know rats are known to carry disease, which could be how this one that Billy has is spreading.

The ending shots are of the Mayor saying “Happy Fourth of July”, which will most likely be an important date (besides the fact that the season is airing on that date) in this season, and then we see back to back shots of something contextual in the show and a new monster rising and growing and these shots flip back and forth to emphasize that something is haunting Hawkins, right under everyone’s noses.

The very last shot we see is a terrifying monster growling, a monster that does not resemble any we’ve seen before in the show. We can only assume that either this one monster or a tribe of the same kind are what is tormenting Hawkings this time around and that the crew will stop at nothing to defend their town from it.

The trailer cuts to the iconic stranger things title screen and we hear the techno-heavy show music, leaving fans on a cliffhanger until July 4th when season 3 will air on Netflix.

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