Best spring break destination based on your sign


Sarah Barber

Don't know where to go for spring break? Let your horoscope decide for you!


Washington D.C.

It might seem unconventional to others, but you’re undeniably interested in politics and history. D.C. is the best location for someone with your level of curiosity.



Pisces, you’re all about the glam, so Cabo is a perfect fit for you. Enjoy soaking up the sun on a gorgeous beach next month.


Costa Rica

Even though it’s dry season down in the southern hemisphere, you’re still itching to go down and spend some time in the warm weather. Make sure to try out a zip line while you’re there.


Dominican Republic

Taurus, you can’t wait to go to the DR. From the beautiful turquoise water to the crystalline sand, you need this getaway and it’s time to make the most of your spring break.



Hey Gemini, a world traveler like you must be dying to go visit a place as fascinating as Cuba, and you’re in luck. This spring break, go explore all the country has to offer and learn more about other cultures in the process.



Cancer, you’ve always been interested in experiencing one of the cities of our neighbors to the north, and now you can. Use this week off of school to go try some authentic maple syrup and see the new sights.


New York

The Tonys may have passed, but Leo, you still love Broadway and the entire vibe New York has to offer. Spend some time this break in Times Square and finally deciding which pizza is better: Chicago or New York.



Virgo, not to expose you, but you’ve been listening to “California Gurls” on repeat lately, just craving that LA sun. This break, treat yourself to a week of being a classic California tourist and eat all of the In-N-Out Burger you can.



Ah, the classic spring break destination. There’s nothing better for you, Libra, a lover of all things classic. Have fun down in Florida, but not too much fun.



Scorpio, you aren’t as classy as Pisces, but you still should head to Mexico. Relax poolside and sip as many (virgin) Piña Coladas as you can.



Sagittarius, you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone and what better way to do that than by traveling to a new country. Jamaica has so many fun activities to offer and you’re gonna take advantage of all of them this spring break.



Cap, you’re ready for a new adventure. Spring break trips aren’t new to you, so this year, you’re excited for a new experience. Explore as much of the clear blue water as you can.