‘If I’m Being Honest’ Dodie’s new song is worth listening to

Kayla Reed looks down at her phone and listens to the EP.

Alison Goulding

Kayla Reed looks down at her phone and listens to the EP.

On Nov. 2 2018, singer-songwriter Dodie surprised fans with a pre-release from her upcoming EP. The song, “If I’m Being Honest”, will be part of a full EP, Human, that will be released on Jan. 18, 2019 of next year.

As someone who actively follows Dodie, I was shocked when I got the Apple Music notification letting me know that a was a new song available. I thought it was a glitch at first, but when I opened the app I realized Apple had been right.

Expecting the best, I could not wait to listen to this song and was not disappointed when I finally got the chance to do so. Dodie’s EP was surprising since it was unlike her usual content.

Many of her songs have a darker tone, yet accompanying her lyrics with a bright and cheerful beat.

This one was different. The song starts with happy lyrics and bright piano, which is what I expected. However, they quickly transition to a more melancholy tone.

The lyrics portray a hopeful yet melancholy attitude about having a crush. The beat and instruments move with emotion evoked by the song, different from the typical Dodie song that has a somewhat repetitive tempo that clashes with the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics are much deeper than just unrequited love. Packed with complex metaphors, the song also relates to self-doubt and how relationships are not always filled with flowers and sunshine. I found the use of metaphors and analogies helps to build the emotional density of the piece.

To me, the song becomes almost like a puzzle and as I listen I tend to find another meaning to an already ‘solved’ metaphor. Every listen curates a slightly different meaning; because of this, I never become bored with the song.

The song starts with an airy and bouncy electric piano, which sets the tone for an expected happy song. The piano is almost like the theme song of a kids’ TV show slowed down.

Past the first chorus of the song, more instruments are added and the sound builds. Along with the piano, there are now drums and multiple string instruments.

“If I’m Being Honest” has an incredible amount of depth, from lyrics to instruments, to harmonies and to the tone.

The song gradually builds in instruments, vocals and a quickening tempo until it reaches the hook. This starts with a series of “ah’s” that build with other recordings to form harmonies. This section takes up too much time to be able to blend in with the rest of the song.

The harmonies during this bridge just do not fit the vibe given during the rest of the song. Although they do showcase Dodie’s talents as a singer, the notes are too deep in comparison to the notes used during the rest of the song. This continues into the rest of the hook, which returns closer to the previous tempo.

The ending returns to the soft nature of the beginning and wraps the song up in a neat little bow. Although different from past songs, I loved this change. This pre-release has me pumped for the rest of the EP. Overall, I would rate this song 4.5 stars out of 5 for its meaningful lyrics, strong use of instruments and the emotional response to the song evokes.