That’s a wrap: the best song releases of November


Rhaya Truman

November brought many great albums including “Oxnard” by Anderson .Paak and “Phoenix” by Rita Ora

November is known to be a month where people tend to fall off the mark. Because of daylight savings, the cold and wanting the holiday season to come, we all have had a pretty interesting month. But to my surprise, a lot of great music was released within these cold dreary days.

Including multiple genres like pop and R&B, here are my favorite music releases of this month of November. If you haven’t given these songs a chance, I promise they will not be a waste of your time.

thank you, next by Ariana Grande

Release date: November 3

So I know we are starting out a little bit basic but this song was one of the best big releases of this month and it was definitely a stand out for most people. Very quickly after her break up, Grande was able to bounce back very quickly at an impressive rate. I know Pete is a little hurt over this one. I wonder if Grande will continue to write about her exes, Taylor Swift 2.0?

Almost Love by Sabrina Carpenter

Release date: November 9

I know a lot of people know Carpenter from her appearance in the Disney show “Girl Meets World” but I promise she sounds like nothing like that little girl when she sings. She reminds of the pop sound artist Rita Ora tends to go for. Carpenter has really grown in the past year with her style and the way she delivers her music. If she continues to make music like this, she will certainly be on top of the ‘good things to come out of Disney’ list.

Tints (ft. Kendrick Lamar) and Saviers Road by Anderson.Paak

Release date: November 16

Anderson.Paak is definitely a very underrated artist who does not get enough credit for the great music he puts out. His very first album “Venice” is one of my favorites when it comes to musicality and his ability to create a story so impressively. So when he released “Oxnard,” his most recent album, I wasn’t surprised by its great balance of both genius lyrical production. “Tints” and “Saviers Road” are only a few of the songs off of “Oxnard” that deserve recognition because it is truly one of those you play all the way through and never hit skip.

Sundress by A$AP Rocky

Release date: November 19

A$AP Rocky to me has always been someone who has attracted fans because of his unique style. I love how when I heard the song, it truly reminded me of who he is. “Sundress” has the instruments and background of Rex Orange County, adding a special vintage and retro sound. I would have never expected to hear something like this from him but I was pleasantly surprised to hear it. Although it is a short song, I hope he continues to release music with the same vibe because I will definitely become a solid fan sooner than later.

Dark Things by Vic Mensa

Release date: November 21

Vic Mensa has developed his sound profoundly throughout the years. He is always able to find the trends of the music that is blowing up and then able to make music that is similar but still his own. For example, it has become common in rap songs for the producer to add a higher pitch to the voice of the rapper and this element is very prevalent throughout the album. This is more of a fun track with a lot of uprising notes and sounds but it definitely works smoothly and I hope he continues to elevate his sound in the same fashion.

For You, Anywhere, Let You Love Me by Rita Ora

Release date: November 23

When I saw that Rita Ora was releasing an album, I did not think second about it. But once I played the first track of “Pheonix,” I was hooked. The songs sound like they would be on a Forever 21 playlist but in the best way possible. Albums like these are just the right amount of pop and just the right amount of indie and alternative. Her sound puts a smile on my face and makes me think of summer and festivals so that is always a yes from me. I think Rita Ora really came through with the talent on this album and it will be one to push her up in the scene if people truly give it a chance.


Release date: November 30

Last year I really started to enjoy KAYTRANDA’s music. To me, he has the perfect mix of techno, R&B and pop. The beats he is able to make are so captivating and I never get tired of his songs. There is always something new to come and a surprise with his music. His first album released back in 2016 titled “99.9%” is one of my favorite techno albums to the date and still a gem in the genre for me. This release did not disappoint me and I hope there is more music to come in 2019.