A fans film of the revamped ‘Halloween’ sequel

Natalie Casas

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Natalie Casas

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One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, because of the festivities: candy, pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice lattes and horror films.

On Friday, Oct. 19, “Halloween” was released in theaters. Forty years ago the original “Halloween” was released. The new version was released to answer questions that were unanswered forty years ago.

In the original movie, it begins with Michael Meyers murdering his sister at seven years old. Years pass by, Meyers escapes and gains revenge on the people who are trying to sell his house. He is presented as the boogie man, because of endless rage to kill and his obsession to terrorize Lorie.

My friends and I poured into the show, reclined into a comfortable position and waited for the movie to begin. When I heard “Halloween” was having yet another sequel I couldn’t be happier, because I followed the series. 

This movie was so hyped–over-hyped in fact. That even my friends and I had high expectations for the film, because of the obnoxious and intriguing trailer. 

As the beginning of the film began, pale skies, eerie music cultivated the audience. Expectations lowered as the film unraveled because as a fan I was even bored how slow it was. For my friends, it was worse because they never saw the original so they were lost.

The new characters in the movie were cheesy which was unappealing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but it was interesting to see how the plot was going to be presented.


It had shown how much security measures she has and her equipment to ensure her safety.

Moving more into the movie, it turns vicious, yet predictable. The bus transferring Meyers to the other facility breaks down and it is eerie in the wooded area in Haddonfield, IL. Of course, a car slowed down and tried to be a helpful citizen in a crash like this, which turns cold quickly.

A man is viciously murdered and his ten or twelve-year-old son is too by Meyers. Then the fictional part about this is when the police see clear evidence that they should evacuate the town, because a psycho serial killer is loose, instead they say,” what are we going to do… cancel Halloween?”

As the movie unravels, they show that Lorie had a child, that was taken from her by the state, because of her mental illness issues with the attack, she was issued,”unfit”. They then preview and make her granddaughters life, portraying that she is next on Meyers list.

Then the lines become predictable while they show Allyson’s life, the granddaughter, a pattern of repetition develops in the plot. And if you are a highschooler it may be your fit for that part of the movie.

As the pattern unrolls, Meyers starts killing most of Allyson’s friends trying to find her. Which aligns with what exactly happens to Lorie as a teenager.

Then the climax of the movie twists and turns crazier than what expected when the doctor of Meyers kills the officer that is transporting them through the gate to Lorie’s house of safety.

However, the police in this situation really frustrated me, because this would happen in reality. The movie becomes wicked, it made my stomach drop with the adrenaline of the actors. As an audience member, I became attached to the characters, so it becomes inhumane.

When of course, Michael finds them in the house, it starts to be what everyone has been waiting forty years for. This ending caters to the audience, making them then light Meyers on fire.

With the ending being a question left for us to think about. Does the boogie man really die?

Being a fan that has been following the series, this movie definitely made bank on this movie. Like the fact that most of the actors agreed to do this, it made everything fall into place. However, the movie was almost two hours too long.

I give this movie a B, for the effort of trying to answer the audience’s questions. However, the teen characters were cheesy at times, and it seemed predictable. It was pleasing for viewers who followed, but for those have not it was an easy C.

The soundtrack was fitting, there was a little too much fat and extra scenes that could be cut. The anticipation was too high, yet entertaining but a little too much talking and a whole lot of violence.