How Logic created a legacy through the Young Sinatra era


Sam Perkins

‘Young Sinatra’ was Logic’s first mixtape that blew up on Souncloud when it was released on Sep. 19, 2011.

Whatever you want to call him, Logic, Bobby Tarantino or Young Sinatra, he has forever changed the way consumers can receive content and the unique capacity rap music can be extended into. With his ability to create different storylines and personalities, Logic has opened up doors of possibilities for people who want to do more than just rap.

Logic is a legend of multiple perspectives, and the final chapter of this era shows he creates music for the love of the process, not the green.

With the last installment of his Young Sinatra alter ego, “YSIV,” Logic has distinctly showed he still possess’ the dirty rap style he had when he started recording in his best friend’s basement in Maryland. As an artist, he has always been in love with creating stories that his own people can relate to.

He attributes multiple people for his ideas of opening up into different alter egos and credits them for making him believe he can be more than one person with more possibilities.

In the track titled “YSIV,” Logic attributes late artist Mac Miller for the idea of taking on multiple people for different moods on multiple projects.

In the rap industry, it can be easy to believe that all people gravitate to is rapping about drugs, girls and partying. What Miller brought to the table, and what Logic later added onto, was the idea that you didn’t have to be one emotionless rapper, but you could instead be any figure you please.

The idea of an artist taking over their sound and their art in a way that is innovative and out-of-the-box from the rest is a skill some can not take on because of the uncertainty in the process. 

In his beginning stages of his career, Logic created his first studio album “Under Pressure”  in a basement accompanied by his producer 6ix who, to this day, mixes most of his tracks. This album is seen as the beginning of an artist who was destined to create a language of his own.

Logic believes he can rap about anything from social issues to his mom being a cocaine addict and still maintain his credit as a rapper who deserves to be taken seriously.

A lot of people may view this “switching” as a negative but I think it is a new way for fans to view artists. Rappers tend to be some of the most smart and emotional people to create music but the stereotype of what a rapper should be can ruin the way they believe they can express themselves. Rappers who can accept their emotions and talk about their anxiety, love and partying are the most respectful in my eyes.

Young Sinatra is a alter ego that means a lot to Logic and his fans. It is was one of first series of projects Logic ever released is for his small fan base of the time. The alter ego is based around late singer Frank Sinatra and Logic’s fanbase name “Rattpack” drew inspiration from the original “RatPack Group” of Frank Sinatra.

Logic is continuously influenced by pop culture and has an obsession with old singers, movies, tv shows and more. He is genuinely engulfed in his own world. His art resembles the weird, unusual sides of him that fans would usually never associate with a rapper.

For example, his second studio album “The Incredible True Story” is based around outer space and space travel, which he calls ‘nerdy’ and claims that rappers don’t take the educational route as concepts for their albums. Not only did he have a unique idea, but he implemented a story out of it by creating characters and having the whole album weave through through the songs.

Logic is unique because he has a love for creating things that are not just music. He continues to talk about directing movies, writing books and expanding the limitations of his mind. That sets him apart from the people who only stick to what they know, since he truly aims to dig deep into his own mind and continue to push his own boundaries.

Logic is my inspiration because he makes me believe I can truly do it all. He has the message that you can do whatever you put your mind to and more. If you want to do something, do it and don’t be afraid of failure. 

Ever since I listened to “Under Pressure,” I have been infatuated with the way Logic represents himself and his willingness to fully be vulnerable. He shows sides of himself that could be shunned by some but help others in the long run.

“Young Sinatra,” and many other projects that he has done, are not just albums with a few tracks. They are albums that have meaning, purposes and life behind them. These projects paint a new picture of what could be and the messages he sends through them are ones he believes in and hopes to pass on to people who need them.

Logic is a gem to the music industry.

He dabbles in every genre including rap, r&b, pop, soul and more while being unapologetic about it in every way. And by doing this, he continues to label himself as a rapper who came along to change how we view the genre and pass on legacies of someone before him like the Wu tang Clan and more.

Logic’s trademark line is “peace, love and positivity” and that is precisely the spirit he gives out. With his music he aims to make people smile and truly feel something when they press the play button. And as an exceptional role model and public figure, Logic fits the mold of a legend in the music industry today.