Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 things to do before you graduate

Vince Vena

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Srushti Desai

DGS football field.

    1. Sign thoughtful notes into people’s yearbooks

Please do not write “HAGS” in anyone’s yearbook. Especially this year. Write something that you would want them to positively look back on.

      2. Reconnect with someone you haven’t talked to in awhile.

You’re graduating anyway so why not reconnect while you have the chance too. Never have regrets.

   3. Write a letter to your favorite high school teachers

Everyone can name at least one teacher that has made an impact on them in high school. Let them know that.

   4. Get all your friends together and hang out

Congratulations, you finally made it. Everyone should be celebrating.

   5. Get your graduation outfit planned

Whether its a dress or suit, you do not want to wait last minute to plan what you are going to wear so you should definitely get started on that before graduation

   6. Let everyone close to you know how much you appreciate them

If there was a time to be sentimental — now is the time. Tell your friends how great they are because most likely you won’t be seeing them as much this fall.

   7. Plan your graduation party

If you decide to celebrate your graduation, be sure to figure out a date so you can reel in all that dough that your family is going to give you.

8. Watch teenage movies and tv shows

The Breakfast Club, Friday Night Lights, Mean Girls, etc. Watch ‘em all while you can still somewhat relate to being a high schooler.

9. Study for finals

If you are a senior who has to take their finals this semester. Please study. Your grade actually depends on it this time.

10. Enjoy your last week of being a high schooler

Responsibilities and adult life are coming fast. Absorb this time period in your life because once its done, its done.