Top 10: Emojis

Its called art, look it up.

Elizabeth Rose Szpytek

It’s called art, look it up.

The teens love three things: clickbait, emojis and hard-hitting, fact-based journalism. So we have a combination of the three. Top ten best ‘mojis:


This girl? She’s rocking the bright pink look. This emoji is perfect for pettiness. When using this classic, it’s like you’re letting the world—or more likely the person on Twitter you’re fighting with—know that nothing phases you; you’re just over here doing your thing, and you are calm and collected. You would put it following your absolute obliteration of their viewpoint by using simple facts.


Yeehaw. Enough said.


This one expresses an emotion I legitimately can’t put into words. If you know what it means, you know what it means, but I couldn’t describe it in any way besides someone sarcastically saying “everything is great.”


These lovely gay-dies are out here, living their best life, in love, and I think that’s beautiful.


This is one of the most wholesome and underrated ‘mojis. It has so many uses, but is best paired with “thank you.” Also, when I’m talking with straight girls, my usage goes up by about 200%.


This is a very useful one. If your best friend sends you a selfie and you don’t respond with at least three of these babies, you really must not love them all that much. It’s like “Oh my god, you’re so dang beautiful that it’s not fair. I love you. Wow.”


If this emoji isn’t in your “Frequently Used” section, I straight up do not trust you as a person, and honestly, you can stay away from me. It’s perfect for telling your friends how much you love and cherish them.


Sometimes you feel petty and get into fights with dumb capitalists on the internet, so you just gotta use this classic ‘moji.


This ‘moji is a good dude. I just trust him very, very much. He seems like a dependable guy. He also has the bonus of looking a lot like internet man Griffin McElroy. Personally, he gets a lot of use whenever I tell a dumb joke and someone tries to point out an obvious flaw with it.


This is the winning boy. He’s a work of art. The delicate, flirty-but-not-too-flirty kiss? Absolutely divine. Like seemingly every other emoji I use, this is a perfect way to tell your friends you love them. “Goodbye, bonch” plus this emoji is everything you need to say sometimes. 


All images courtesy of Apple Inc.