Annual Daddy Daughter Dance provides a magical night


Jhenevie Oca

A father and daughter dance the night away in the large gym.

On Saturday March 7, DGS held their annual Daddy Daughter Dance. The dance took place in the large gym at 6:00 pm.

The Daddy Daughter dance is a place for dads around the community to bring their daughters to dance, talk and have fun. Student Council is one club that is involved with the preparing and decorations of the Daddy Daughter Dance.

Junior and Student Council Exec Board member Erica Alves was excited to be able to dress up as a princess, see the little girls and have a really fun night with her friends.

“I believe the Daddy Daughter Dance will help the community because it provides a safe and fun environment for girls and their dads to come and have a good time. It provides unity to connect the high schoolers to the kids which always a fun concept to be apart of,” Alves said.

At the dance, there were multiple things for the young girls to do. They could get their nails done, play with their friends and feel like a princess while doing it. Other than just the fun times, there are also a lot of benefits to having this time for the the dads and daughters in our community.

Aside from this, there is a lot of planning that has to occur in order for the dance to go smoothly and be successful.

Science teacher and Student Council supervisor Jennifer Wolf explains the planning and organizational aspects that need to go into the preparation of the dance. The planners tend to add new aspects and make the dance different every year for the fun of the little girls who come annually and the first timers.

“Dr. Esposito takes care of the work orders, and Ms. Ozga takes care of ordering all of the balloons, decorations etc. As we’ve done this dance for a number of years, we are to the point where we can add new things each year without it causing a lot of re-planning-for instance, the photo booth and streaming the basketball games were new additions last year, the candy bar was new this year.  We’ve refined the hair and nail experience so that that it is no longer a ticketed event and doesn’t have a long waiting time. The raffle baskets were a new addition about four years ago and that tradition has stuck,” Wolf said.

This year, the members of Student Council, Key Club and Class Board all came together to make sure this years dance was a successful one. In Alves’ eyes, it was one of the best nights she has had here at Downers Grove South and can not wait until next year.

“It was truly an experience that you cherish. Being a princess and having the girls come up to you and be happy to see you is such a fun experience. All of us [the princess’] loved it. For next year, we will definitely be looking forward to make the night even more memorable for our communities princess’,” Alves said.