Blackbear’s new album is as sweet as honey


Srushti Desai

Blackbear is known to be an artist that pushes boundaries with his music because of his mix of genres.

Underground singer and rapper turned profoundly known, trendy artist Blackbear released his fourth studio album “Cybersex” on Nov. 27 and some of his supporters are pretty skeptical about the outcome of the collection.

This long awaited album has been heavily anticipated by Blackbears fans. His last album “digital druglord” did great in sales and gained him a lot of new supporters. His United States tour was widely attended and it was easy to fall into the hype that was Blackbear.

So, let me just get to the point; this album will not be for everyone. I personally believe most of the songs are more like hype and party songs than anything else. They are songs you don’t listen to for an intellectual and spiritual findings but more for the fun lyrics and catchy lines.

The sound Blackbear was going for truly kept consistent throughout the whole album and that is very impressive considering the pressure he was under to make such a hit after his last album. For him to stick with his sound after going through the mainstream media for is admirable.

One outstanding element in this album is definitely the production. You can easily tell that each song has its own purpose in its snaps, rhythms and tempo changes. Songs like “anziety (with FRND)” and “top priorioty” (with Ne-Yo) have very unique sounds and add a lot of diversity into the album while still keeping the sound Blackbear is known for.

I truly enjoyed songs like “up in this (with Tinashe)” and “e.z (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)” where he took advantage of the features and the ability to incorporate other artists and their styles mixed in with his own. Specifically, “up in this” is one of my favorite songs in the collection because their voices seamed beautifully together on top of the beat.

A few songs like “gucci linen (feat. 2 Chainz)” and “bright pink tims (feat. Cam’ron)” you either like or hate. For me, I like songs like these that are solely hip hop based for certain moods. These songs have a chill aura that you would listen to on a night drive rather than at a picnic on a Sunday. Weird comparison but it works.

No matter if you are a Blackbear fan or not, no one can deny the fact that his lyrics are catchy, and with more serious and emotional songs, he can also have relatable lyrics that mean something. He does a very good job at capturing the ambience of that song and fitting the lyrics to accompany that mood.

If you are a Blackbear fan, you will love this album. I feel as if he truly heard what his fans wanted, which was having a more hip hop sound but still carry pop components, and took that advice to make a collection of songs that show his growth as an artist and where he wants to be going forth into the industry.

Blackbear truly has a very unique sound. It seems to be a mix of pop, hip-hop and R&B that come together to make their own very nice mix. Songs like “i hope your life sux” and “glo_up (feat. Rick Ross)” don’t really impress me.

This album is by far not a theatrical masterpiece or untouchable art but it is an album filled with songs that describe Blackbear as a person and represent the types of messages he is trying to get through with his music. Most of these songs talk about partying and such but then a select few also touch on the hardships of heartbreak and the truth of the music industry.

The “do re mi” singer definitely could have met some higher expectations for me, but at the end of the day, he is in the music industry for the flash and style as well as to have fun and live a little bit. It’s nice to know that some artists are not just here to deliver an album of spiritual openings but also albums of fun and relatable things wild teenagers can relate to.

I hope Blackbear’s next album includes more solo songs and he is able to further the sound he has come to find in himself. His carefree spirit and love for music making and production shows that he is going to be making a statement for awhile. Now, I’m gonna go groove to some of my favorites on “cybersex”, “g2g ttyl (feat. THEY.).”