Top ten ways to spend your day off of school


Abigail Culcasi

Students discuss their weekend plans with their friends on their half day of school.

As the weather cools down and the stress piles on, there is one day that all high school students look forward to-a day off of school. With parent teacher conferences on Oct. 5 and 6, students can enjoy a pleasant start to their weekend with a 1:30 p.m. dismissal on Thursday and no school on Friday. If you aren’t sure how to spend your day off, here are the top ten ways to enjoy your day off while making good use of your time.

10. Spend time in nature
Although the fall foliage has not yet peaked, the trees are starting to change colors and the temperature is perfect to spend time outdoors. With so many local forest preserves and paths, going for a walk is not only a great way to de-stress, but also a great way to exercise or even spend time with friends.

9. Sleep
With a month and a half of school already complete, many students already need to catch up on sleep. Take this opportunity to relax and recharge-you deserve it!

8. Volunteer
There are so many organizations in the community that you can join to help give back. Volunteering is not only a productive use of time, but can also allow you to take a step back and appreciate everything in your life, even when you feel stressed. Some local options are Feed My Starving Children and West Suburban Community Pantry.

7. Homework
When was the last time you picked up your history textbook or even looked at your Spanish vocabulary list? We all fall behind sometimes, it’s normal. A day off of school is the perfect opportunity to set aside any work that you may have been procrastinating on and start the new week on a good foot.

6. College Applications/Visits
With the November college application deadline rapidly approaching, a day off from school allows plenty of time to write those supplemental essays you told yourself you would write in August. For underclassmen, going on a college visit or planning a trip to see a college is a great use of time to prepare yourself for senior year.

5. Bonfire
A bonfire is a great way to enjoy the chilly fall weather and spend time with friends. This is a convenient and inexpensive option, especially if you or one of your friends already has a fire pit.

4. Apple orchard or pumpkin patch
There is no better way to start enjoying fall than to spend a day at a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard. There are many local pumpkin patches as well as many more rural places only an hour drive away.

3. Go to a sporting event

The last Friday home football game is this Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the stadium. There are also many college football games all over the state this weekend, such as University of Illinois v. University of Iowa at University of Illinois on Saturday.

2. Try a new restaurant
A day off from school is a nice break from packed lunches or cafeteria food. There are many great restaurants in the area such as Gia Mia and Pierce Tavern.

1. Spend time with friends
With school and extracurriculars, spending quality time with friends can be a challenge if your friends aren’t in all of the same sports, clubs or classes as you. A day off of school is the best time to reconnect with friends and enjoy time together with each other.