Top five Halloween costumes this year


Emma Fudacz

Here are the top five Halloween costumes for this year.

Mikaela Cresse, Freelance Writer

Halloween is right around the corner with its amazing costumes and delicious candy. Kick off this year’s Halloween with the most spooky and fun top five costumes.

1. Clowns

One of this year’s most beloved costume is clowns. Whether you make it spooky or silly, you’ll be in good company if you wear a clown costume this Halloween!

2. Inflatable dinosaur

Coming up next as the second in the top five costumes is the fun and silly dinosaur costume. Even though dinosaurs have been extinct for about 65 million years they are coming back to make an earth shaking impact.

3. Witch

Whether you are a good witch or a bad witch, the classic witchy look is a great way to dress for this Halloween!

4. Onsies

Onesies are certainly a creative and comfortable costume that is easy to wear and move around in. As one of the top most searched costume ideas in the U.S, it is a trendy costume for this Halloween.

5. Fortnite costume

Whether you love the game or love the look, you should enjoy this year’s Halloween with an awesome Fortnite costume.