Summer playlist to get your grooves on


Alexis Pragides

This playlist is for all of those people who want to jam out whether you are at the beach or hanging with friends

This school year has been so long, from zoom classes to the lack of being able to see friends and loved ones. But there’s a light at the end of this very long tunnel, with vaccines being distributed and the hope of normality brightening up as well as the last week of school dragging to the finish line. This playlist brings the joyful energy that we all have been feeling this last week of school and will get you into your dancing feeling.

Of course I couldn’t create this playlist without putting it on both Apple Music and Spotify as well as talk about my top five from the playlist. We could have different favorite songs on this playlist though so I encourage you to vote what you would pick as your top song.

What is your top song on the Summer Playlist 2021?

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5. “Wait a Minute!” By WILLOW

This has been on my summer playlists for three years now and it will never not be. The flow of the record and the beautiful voice of WILLOW just make this a song that you need to groove and sing your heart out with or without your friends, making this a perfect starter to the summer

4. “End of the Road” By Noga Erez

“End of the Road” has such a new feel and brings stunning vocals and that ‘I don’t care about you’ vibe to it will always catch me off guard. The mix of drums, clapping, and hype from Erez makes you crave more.

3. “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” By Lil Nas X

This is a no-brainer, the lyrics that Lil Nas X brought to this song were explicit but exactly what we needed to get this summer off right. While this song has been on loop for me, I will never get over how refreshing it is.

2. “Photo ID” By Remi Wolf

Oh boy, this song has been on my radar for a while but you can’t think about summer without having this beat in my mind. The funky beat and electric guitar that Wolf has in this, as well as the catchy chorus always makes me want to jump up and down. Listening deeper has made me appreciate every little sound that this song has to offer and is a perfect addition to the summer.

1. “Kiss Me More” By Doja Cat feat. Sza

When I think of summer, this song is literally the first thing I think about ; the transcendent vocals of Doja and SZA make this such a soft and just stunning song. Every time I listen to this song I feel like I’m on a cloud getting my groove on, and the harmony at the end always makes me smile in pure joy, it is such a perfect summer song and is the reason why it’s on the top

These were just a few of the many songs on the playlist to get your dance on whether you are just groovin’ by yourself or with a group of friends (safely), these five songs will get you out of your seats and on the dance floor.