What show has been on my mind all week? It’s been WandaVision all along


Kassem Ossman

WandaVision takes everyone’s screen as the finale was released on Friday

Spoilers Ahead

The end of the series “WandaVision” came out last Friday and I have been trying to collect my thoughts on the show ever since. With subliminal ads, crazy far-fetched fan theories and a catchy theme that is still stuck in my head, this show has the extraordinary makings of a Marvel movie.

“WandaVision” on Disney+ follows the Marvel universe after the events of “Avengers: End Game”. Wanda (played by Elizabeth Olson) is in this sitcom style show with Vision (played by Paul Bettney) as the audience is left to piece together the puzzle of what is going on.

When “WandaVision” first aired, I was really interested in the thought of the marvel version of an old sitcom so I decided to binge watch every single Marvel movie in timeline order to make sure I could understand “WandaVision” — I was not disappointed. After 50 hours of movie watching, I am now proud to say that I am obsessed with the Marvel movies. When I started to watch “WandaVision” I was so glad to see people I was familiar with and notice those little Easter eggs that Marvel loves placing throughout the show .

This show was just perfect with the sitcoms based off of shows such as ‘I love Lucy’, ‘Bewitched’ and many others. In every episode, we were brought into a new decade and something about that idea just made me giddy because we saw the comedic changes and styles of the house change with every week and the breaks of reality that streamed in ever so often, like the drone outside of the hex that came in and turned into a toy helicopter, or Jimmy Woo’s voice in the radio asking if Wanda is okay during a pool meeting.

Even the little ads that acted as in-show commercials in between were touches to the era the episode was in, they were very odd and, I am going to be honest, I didn’t get the message from most of them; however, when the octopus would show up I would always point at my screen because obviously that was a reference that Marvel fans know.

I, for one, was just excited to see how this 50’s version of Wanda and Vision are trapped in this show and are happy only to have creepy things intrude and interrupt like the radio or the laugh track laughing at something eerie. As they expanded the story I really started to feel bad for Wanda as she grieves over the death of Vision.

What really shocked me was the fact that the show brought actor Evan Peters to play as Wanda’s dead brother Pietro. A lot of people thought this might be a sign of the mutants and X-Men because Evan Peters plays Quicksilver in the X-Men series. Of course we later realize that it’s not an interdimensional crossover — just a random dude named Ralph Bohner… yeah it’s that type of joke.

Theories that surrounded this show also got a little crazy, which is understandable. The fans were excited, but seeing someone think that a bunny rabbit is actually centuries-old witch Agatha’s husband who’s the devil who also is a cockroach and also controls the world made the ending seem a little lackluster.

The ending was great, with White Vision and Vision talking about complex theories as Wanda tricks Agatha with protection spells, we even got an amazing new outfit revealed for Wanda as the Scarlet Witch. These were just some of the great action scenes that came in from the finale, but then we also had the heart wrenching end of Wanda closing the hex as Vision and their children Billy and Tommy all head back to their home as they head to bed. As the boys rest, Vision and Wanda say their goodbyes as the hex finally closes in on the house — Vision’s last words, “What is grief, if not love persevering?”

The two post credit scenes had me screaming (the first one was my thought from the fifth episode so I knew that was going to happen) as well as just in awe. We see Monica talk to a Skrull as they hint at her going into space. In the very last scene we see Wanda in a secluded cabin getting some coffee but as the camera moves we see her astral projecting and reading the book that Agatha gave her — as Billy is shouting for help.

When I finished watching it, my friend was talking to me and asked, “How was the show? Did all the loose ends get tied up?” and of course I couldn’t lie — I had probably a thousand more questions than when I started the show. Overall I think that this show was just perfect and it made me so excited to see the new set and style and think about what the next episode might be, I would give this show a solid 10/10.