Top 10 things that defined the ‘original’ quarantine


Jacqueline Barba

On March 13, 2021, it will officially be one year since DGS went into lockdown, making it our “quarantine-versary”.

Even though many would like to forget 2020 completely, the first round of stay-at-home orders brought more than a few trends that are worth remembering. Before diving into 2021 head-on, take a look back at the food, shows and crafts that defined “original quarantine” — back when we all thought it was just a few weeks off of school.

#10: Daily Walks
The minute you encourage people to stay in their homes, they will find a way to get out of them. Quarantine made everyone really interested in getting back to nature, and a daily stroll around the neighborhood became the most exciting outing of the day.

#9: Tik Tok Dances
Everybody and their mom learned at least one Tik Tok dance while they were stuck at home. In fact, the app became so popular that former President Trump tried to ban it. Suddenly, the general populace became like the kids from Footloose, except they were fighting for their right to these 30 second long videos (and Charli D’Amelio’s income).

Crazy times.

#8: Glo-Ups
A lot of people decided that being stuck in their house meant it was time to take up a calling for completely changing themselves. Props to those of you who took this time to eat healthier, workout and get totally better looking. We’re all jealous.

#7: “Savage” by Megan thee Stallion
Technically this song belongs in the Tik Tok dances category, but it gets its own spot on the list for the sheer impact it had. Right after the news, this song was probably the most played thing in American households for weeks. Secure that bag Meg!

#6: Making your own bread
Being in their houses constantly made Americans revert back to ancient practices, specifically, making their own bread. Partly because the stores didn’t have it, and partly because it was such an effective (and delicious) distraction, people took up making sourdough like there was no tomorrow. Personally, I found it really cute and practical, which is why it makes it higher up on the list.

#5: That one Timothee Chalamet dance
You know the dance. Set to the beat of Melanie Martinez’s song, “Playdate”, a slowed down clip of Timothee Chalamet dancing in “Call Me by Your Name” went viral. No offense to everyone who tried to recreate it, but Timmy did it best.

#4: Tie-Dyeing Everything
When in doubt, revert back to your favorite summer camp activities. From matching sweat sets to t-shirts, tie dye came back harder during quarantine than in the 60’s. A timeless style that has kept people entertained for centuries.

#3: Birthday Parades
Leave it to Americans to find a way to party while still being socially distant. In my opinion, birthday parades are not only sweet, but they’re arguably the easiest birthday parties to throw. There’s no clean-up, you still get to see your friends, and it’s over before you even have to pretend to love that weird gift your aunt got you.

#2: Tiger King
When in a global pandemic, find a show that mirrors the crazy of the world around you. The collective obsession with the show “Tiger King” about a man named Joe Exotic and his enemy, Carole Baskin, and their fight over tiger’s rights captivated and sustained us throughout the chaos of those first months of uncertainty.

#1: Fighting for Lysol and Toilet Paper at the Grocery Store
Nothing makes a global crisis feel more real than empty shelves at the supermarket. People started to stock up on antibacterial products and most importantly, toilet paper, like they could single-handedly cure COVID-19. It was a very surreal visual that will undoubtedly pop up in our history books in the future.