Troye Sivan’s EP ‘In a Dream’ leaves the listeners wanting more


Lauren Wilmore

Troye Sivan does not disappoint with his most recent EP release “In a Dream.”

From his first release album in 2015, Troye Sivan has never released a bad song and his newest EP release proves it. With only six tracks, Sivan manages to create a vibey 80’s beat that puts all of his listeners in a dream-like trance.

First track to appear on the EP “Take yourself home” is masked as a song about lost love, but is actually Sivan questioning living in LA versus his true home in Australia. Sivan infuses his music with his inner conflict of whether or not he would be happy with himself for spending the majority of his life in L.A.

“I’m tired of the city, scream if you’re with me / If I’m gonna die, let’s die somewhere pretty, ah, ah-ah”

Listening to the next song in the EP, “Easy,” makes you feel like you just jumped back to the 80’s. From the lyrical beauty Sivan uses to portray a simple message of breaking up with someone to the perfect flow of the melody through the classic retro synth beats, Sivan truly has outdone himself with this one.

“This house is on fire, woo! / Burning the tears right off my face / What the hell did we do? / Tell me we’ll make it through”

While all of the music in this EP is amazing, there’s one song that doesn’t meet my expectations, “could cry just thinking about you.” My reasoning for this is the song only lasts 53 seconds long and doesn’t carry out the usual chorus and verse template. Personally I am not a fan of artists putting small clips of songs on their album or EP.

But the next two tracks laden with emotion, “STUD” and “Rager Teenager”quickly distract from the disappointing short clip. These songs both share similar melodies and rhythms but both have very different, important messages. “STUD” brings to light the issues of a young man who struggles with coming to terms with his own sexuality and body dis-morphia.

“What’s it like to be so big and strong / And so buff? / Everything I’m not / But could I still be a hunk to you?”

Even though the melody of the next song has a similar melody to “STUD,” “Rager teenager” highlights the more carefree, rebellious nature of being a teenager. This song is one of the best on the EP because it has the vibe that just makes you want to turn it up on full blast in the car with the windows down.

The perfect song to close out the EP is “In a Dream,” the title track. This song has a more upbeat rhythm to it, making it seem like a happier song, yet it still houses a deep message about getting over an ex that keeps appearing in his dreams. While it’s a deep message, the lyrics suggest that Sivan is finally starting to get over this ex even though they keep appearing, which leaves the EP ending in a positive tone.

“I won’t let you in again / That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever said, you know / It’s the hardest thing I’ve said”

Something that’s not hard to say is that this was an incredible album with lyrical mastery, bringing a roller coaster of emotions and an incorporation of 80’s synth beats with modern sounds that make you want to hit repeat. This EP truly left me in a dream.