Gonzaga b-ball has my heart


Ashley Boak

Senior Ashley Boak has an obsession with the Gonzaga basketball team.

I have been following the Gonzaga basketball team during March Madness for as long as I can remember. I’ve created a bracket each year since I was four, based off of the college teams’ mascots. My dad always talked about getting a pet bulldog, which made me fall in love with Gonzaga University since their mascot is the bulldog.

When I was younger, I created my brackets based off of the college teams’ mascots. My dad would sit down and tell me what the school mascot was, and I would reply with whichever animal I liked better as the team I wanted to win. My dad had always talked about getting a pet bulldog, which made me fall in love with Gonzaga University.

Years later, now that I actually follow NCAA basketball, I am still obsessed with Gonzaga.

Last year the number one seeded Gonzaga team made it all the way to the Elite 8. I remember sitting in my car crying while listening to the broadcast of a Gonzaga game because not only did my favorite team lose, but I also busted my bracket. Hopefully this year Gonzaga can remain in their high ranked seed entering into the tournament.

I downloaded the NCAA March Madness app at the beginning of February and immediately began to follow the prospective teams leading up to the tournament. I begin watching Gonzaga and many other teams play so I can become aware of the team standings. While this may seem crazy to some, I find pure enjoyment in this.

After I follow the teams, I begin to look at the team brackets that were created based off of the NCAA. The NCAA pairs up the first seed team with the 16th team, the second team with the 15th team and so on from each of the four divisions. This pairing system allows me to watch a variety of games from all divisions, ranging from incredibly skilled teams to teams that aren’t the best.

When this year’s March Madness tournament begins on March 17, you won’t find me watching Netflix or Disney Plus. I’ll be streaming all of the NCAA basketball games on the March Madness app at every moment possible.

I create at least one bracket in the app, one in the newspaper and multiple printed off brackets that I fill out myself. While it may make more sense for me to have multiple teams winning, I always have Gonzaga winning the competition.

Now you may all be thinking, “Ashley, you are truly obsessed with basketball.” Let me tell you something: I actually hate NBA basketball. I feel that NBA basketball isn’t as entertaining as NCAA basketball.

If you are looking to create some healthy competition among your family, friends or even your lunch table this March, I encourage you to create a March Madness bracket. I have a competition each year with my entire family. Not to brag, but I have won the “best bracket award” for the past two years.

That competition could bring everyone involved closer and also you could win bragging rights just like I have if your favorite team wins. But if you walk away from March Madness learning anything, remember this: Gonzaga is the superior March Madness team, and no one will ever change my mind about that.