Let this week’s horoscope inspire your next act of kindness

Aries – Use your bold personality to bring some light into someone else’s day. Sing a song or share a joke to spread smiles and positivity.

Taurus – Channel your calming energy to bring some balance into the life of someone you care about. Introduce that person to a form of meditation to help them destress.

Gemini – With your action-packed agenda, you don’t have enough time to pencil in even one more event. However, find small things you can do for others as you go through your daily routine, such as holding the door for people or giving someone a genuine compliment.

Cancer – It is in your nature to be loyal to others. Share your gratitude for the people in your life who you are faithful towards by writing them thank-you letters.

Leo – Your leadership is something that often inspires others. Use this to your advantage by offering some words of advice to someone who looks up to you.

Virgo – Use your logic and intellect to help a friend solve a problem. Whether it’s something with school or life in general, your assistance will go a long way.

Libra – People admire your creativity. Use that by making a work of art for someone who needs a little more cheer brought into their life.

Scorpio – Your ambition can help motivate others. Share some words of wisdom about positive personal transformation with a friend or family member who could use some of your advice.

Sagittarius – Your love for adventure makes for a life full of excitement. Spread this contagious energy by surprising someone with a fun day full of exploration away from the stresses of their life.

Capricorn – You have a deep understanding of emotions. Use that to offer a shoulder to cry on the next time a loved one needs some care.

Aquarius – Share your free-spirited energy with someone who needs a little break from reality. They’ll thank you later.

Pisces – Utilize your empathy and passion for kindness by volunteering somewhere. Consider helping at a homeless shelter or the local humane society.