Prom: The night Disney made me ready for


Paula Matheson

Kira Matheson and her sister bought their dresses for homecoming one year in advance.

Kira Matheson, Online Opinions Editor

The scene was set: I was eight years old, watching the “Suite Life on Deck” school dance episode, in which my favorite characters were dressed to the nines, as I marveled at their beautiful gowns and elaborate hairstyles, wondering when that would be me.

From that point on, I started to plan my prom.

I’m a firm believer in the power of preparation. With my busy schedule, it’s extremely important that I map out details ahead of time to save myself future aggravation. American culture says this is supposed to be one of the most magical nights of my life, and I’m going to live up to that expectation the best I can.

On Dec. 13, 2019, I purchased my prom dress. After scouring the internet for hours, I finally landed on a gorgeous blue gown straight out of a fairytale. Though it may seem a bit extreme to buy it five months in advance, but the Cinderella moment takes time, and I need every opportunity to create my dream look.

My Pinterest is loaded with pictures of other girls on their magical night, flooded with sparkly eye makeup and tips to keep my hair intact. The research is half the fun and only heightens the anticipation.

The entire week of prom will be carved out for prom-tivities for the big night. I will have to get my hair dyed, my nails done, makeup artist selected, schedule a styling appointment and maybe get a spray tan if I’m feeling adventurous. That week is prime time for the final look, and every effort will be put toward the finished product.

To my teachers, I will not be doing any homework for your classes, and will not be coming to school the day after. To my parents, I apologize for my excessive obsessing about a ‘silly school dance.’ To my eight-year-old self, you’ll get your Disney Channel moment soon and be living the sweet life on your big day.