Top ten Tuesday: Top foods Mr.Kuhn should eat


    Ashley Boak

    My pantry that is filled with foods that Kuhn probably has not eaten yet.

    Recently English teacher Zachary Kuhn created an Instagram page called 40-Year-Old Food Virgin to document him trying foods that he has never eaten before. This Instagram page has spread around the DGS community and some students have input about what Kuhn should eat next. Here are the top ten foods that I believe Kuhn should eat.

    10: Hard-boiled eggs: While I personally only like the white part of a hard-boiled egg, I do understand how some people may enjoy both parts or neither. The texture of the yolk section grosses me out. It is too crumbly and honestly has absolutely no flavor. Have fun with that one Kuhn.

    9: Flamin Hot Cheetos: Coming from someone who doesn’t like Flamin Hots, I don’t blame Kuhn for never eating these. While some people enjoy the spicy flavor, I personally don’t like the spiciness that remains in my mouth minutes after I finish eating the chips.

    8: Ramen noodles: Ramen noodles is always a sick day treat for me. I love the chicken flavored ones because they remind me of eating chicken noodle soup but with very long noodles. I’m actually very shocked that Kuhn hasn’t tried Ramen noodles yet even though they have multiple different flavors to fit all palates.

    7: Gingerbread: With gingerbread house season right around the corner, I highly suggest taking a giant bite out of the gingerbread man that comes in the house kits. The nutty blend of spices creates not only a perfect color for the cookie, but it also creates a perfect cookie taste.

    6: Oatmeal: With the big breakfast trend right now being overnight oats, I felt that it was only fitting to include oatmeal as one of the options. Oatmeal is packed with healthy oats and will help you get your day off to a great start. I personally recommend the Quaker apples and cinnamon oatmeal.

    5: Cosmic brownies: I remember being happy every time that I opened my Hello Kitty lunch box to find a cosmic brownie inside. The fudge frosting on top of brownie along with the fake candy pieces are delicious. I highly suggest eating these in pieces by eating the candy pieces off first then the frosting then the actual brownie itself.

    4: Cherry tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes are the perfect snack size tomato. The small, round tomatoes are perfect for snacking on the go. Being an athlete, I always grab a bag of tomatoes and carrots before every swim meet. They also go great in salads and taste amazing with homemade dill dip.

    3: Gummy worms: I personally love gummy worms, and I feel that everyone should eat them. The pink and blue ones are the best and everyone should experience the deliciousness that comes with Trolli gummy worms.

    2: Cookie Dough ice cream: Coming from a person who eats raw cookie dough, I love cookie dough ice cream. The little cookie dough bits are delicious among the vanilla ice cream. I love them so much that I dig out the cookie dough bits and leave the ice cream behind. Everyone should try eating it that way.

    1: Pomegranate seeds: Pomegranates are one of the best fruits that come out around the fall time. The tiny seeds that burst with juice the second you bite into them is delicious and makes me tempted to eat an entire pomegranate alone. While the texture may be a little weird at first, you grow used to it with each bite.