Find out what Halloween film you are based on your horoscope


Jacqueline Barba

Find out what classic Halloween film you most identify with.


Bold and ambitious, you are most like the cult-classic Scream. This film revitalized the slasher-horror genre and is just as clever, funny (and scary if that’s your vibe) as you are. 


Though serene and peaceful don’t usually correlate with Halloween, your idyllic and rustic tendencies reflect the most classic of Halloween films — It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Sleeping in a pumpkin patch all night is as rustic as it gets, right? 


Someone as fearless and creative as you are is best represented by the Disney original, Twitches. The chaos and quick wit, along with the literal duality of this film — hello, Tia and Tamera– has your sign written all over it. 


As a cardinal water sign, you are an expert at weaving seamlessly between the emotional and material. Equally seamless? The smooth transitions between the real world and the fantastical in Halloweentown. Let the psychic abilities of these characters inspire you to test out your own. 


Only the vivacity and theatrics of Hocus Pocus could truly capture the essence of a Leo. This cult classic is full of dramatic characters and decadently dressed witches that any Leo will love and appreciate.  


Someone as practical as you enjoys a film that reflects your diligence and perfectionist tendencies. A tried and true classic like The Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect for you. Pencil in some time to watch Jack Skellington’s plans to steal Christmas go awry — and think of how you would’ve been able to pull it off. 


Though you strive for equilibrium in most areas of your life, sometimes it’s okay to enjoy a little havoc. Kick back and watch Casper, and encourage yourself to laugh at the absolute chaos that little ghost brings about. Maybe you can even think of the hundreds of ways harmony could’ve been established. 


Your incredible passion and power is most like Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. You feel most comfortable in the emotional realm, and the profound feelings of Emily, the corpse bride herself, reflect that. 


The adventurous spirit and quest for knowledge within you manifests itself in the film Practical Magic. Perfectly fitting for your wanderlust spirit, the main characters are thrown into an exciting adventure full of magic, love and new realizations. 


You love to move between the physical and emotional realms, so you’d most identify with the Halloween movie that literally switches between different realities. Get the creeps by watching Coraline go from the real world to her imaginary one, and maybe you’ll even see yourself in her scary button eyes. 


The excited, wild in you will love watching the feel-good classic The Addams Family. Between Wednesday’s shenanigans and Morticia and Gomez’s weird but effective parenting skills, you’ll be absolutely spooked by how much of yourself you see in this film. 


Just like the Loser’s club in It, you often find yourself separate from the crowd. One of Stephen King’s most popular creations, this film perfectly captures the divisive struggles of your own life while also giving you a scare.