FAFSA Fridays: Application workshops for post-secondary help


Brenna Cohoon

FAFSA Friday workshops are available to provide assistance to students throughout their college application process.

As many college application deadlines draw near, the College and Career Center is facilitating “FAFSA Friday” workshops, which are sessions meant to assist senior students with their post-secondary plans.

Since the release of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on Oct. 1, seniors have been able to apply for student loans. College and career counselor Adrienne Nolan described the purpose of these assistive sessions provided by the school, the first of which took place Friday, Oct. 4.

“It is an open time for any senior to come in who needs help with FAFSA or with any type of college or career application or research questions,” Nolan said.

Students are encouraged to attend these casual workshops if they feel they need help with general post-secondary planning.  Nolan explained that there is more than just individualized assistance available through the sessions.

We also answer big group questions or make announcements about important FAFSA or college information,” Nolan said.

Since the MAP Grant funds linked to FAFSA run out quickly, senior Karaline Monaco submitted the FAFSA on the second day it was available. She views the FAFSA Friday workshops as being opportunities to support students where necessary.

“I think it’s nice to help encourage everyone to fill it out, because I feel like some people are discouraged on filling it out because of the process,” Monaco said.

Although senior Claudia Salyga has already completed the FAFSA, she would consider attending these workshops if she still needed aid. Like many other students, she felt that completing this application was a crucial step in preparing for college.

“[The school’s counselors] all recommend us to do it,” Salyga said.

Elevenmore of these sessions remain with the majority of them to be held during lunch periods. The final FAFSA Friday workshop will take place on May 8, 2020.