Simple packaging, high-quality makeup

Maybelline New York is another makeup brand with high-quality products which are affordable.

Srushti Desai

Maybelline New York is another makeup brand with high-quality products which are affordable.

High-quality makeup at a reasonable price is often quite hard to find. Behind the plain packaging, brands like e.l.f and Wet n’ Wild have high-quality makeup.

Through my experiences of purchasing makeup from these brands, I have discovered one thing: the simpler the packaging is, the more the product has to offer. I’m not one to care about the packaging–unless the product cost more than $50.

E.l.f. is the best example of this because most of their products have simple black packaging. I have purchased many products including the blushes, bronzers, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and primers.

The quality of their products never fails to amaze me and more often than not, I like them more than the expensive products. The pricing on these products ranges from $1 to $5, which is considerably inexpensive.

Another brand that has simple straightforward packaging is Wet n’ Wild. This used to be the worst brand of drugstore makeup, but they have changed many things in the past five years.

A few of their products still need work, but the Photo Focus Foundation and the MegaGlo Highlighting Powder have the best drugstore formula possible. Both of these products have outstanding quality compared to the quality of Wet n’ Wild makeup in the past.

If you have the patience to purchase makeup products online, I recommend BH Cosmetics. This brand is very similar to Morphe Cosmetics and Colourpop, both price and quality wise.

I struggle to find affordable concealers and eyeshadows that work well for my dark skin tone, but BH Cosmetics’ products have the pigmentation that I need. The Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer from BH Cosmetics is my all-time favorite concealer. At just $6 it’s consistency and pigmentation is comparable to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer.

Much like Morphe Cosmetics, BH Cosmetics has one of the best affordable eyeshadow quality. They also tend to do eyeshadow palette collaborations with popular beauty gurus like Carli Bybel and Daisy Marquez.

If you are looking to buy new makeup items and don’t want to empty your bank account, I suggest giving these brands a try.