Scoping out the second week of school


Srushti Desai

Each sign has its own fear. What is your fear?

If you are one of the many who is stressed that school started recently, check out these helpful horoscopes to lift your mood.

Aries- Being that you are a fire sign and can be somewhat lazy at times, utilise a little bit of that burning passion you have for something a bit more productive: homework and studying.

Taurus- You can make this school year the best school year ever, but it’s going to take time and tons of effort to achieve it.

Gemini-  Wednesday’s tend to be the worst days of the school week, yet for you they can be the luckiest days of the week, so take advantage of this by asking your teachers for some extra credit.

Cancer- Dedicate more free time to studying and the improving your grades.

Leo- Your love for musicals and concerts doesn’t just come from your family but also from your zodiac sign, so use this at your advantage and try out for the fall musical.

Virgo- It’s as simple as this–don’t procrastinate.

Libra- Use your love for beauty and harmony to try out a new class; something like fashion merchandising or fashion construction.

Scorpio- If doing homework and studying aren’t your strong suits, try rewarding yourself with something you enjoy every time you get a page of homework done. It’s shocking how such a small change can improve your attitude towards something you dislike.

Sagittarius- Curiosity runs through you like electricity runs through a power cord; use this fire inside you to learn more about a hobby that has always interested you.

Capricorn- Unlike virgos, you never procrastinate, so take a day off. Don’t become a virgo and end up doing this on the daily.

Aquarius- You tend to be an airhead once in a while, but don’t fret this personality trait comes from your zodiac sign. Overcome this adversity by taking more notes and start paying attention in your classes.

Pisces- Worried about time management? Try getting a weekend job to help balance your school work, social life and extracurriculars.