DGS celebrates culture with Foreign Language Week

Donte Reed

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May 18, 2018
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March 21, 2018

World Language Week strives to introduce foreign languages to DGS students

Every year at DGS, the World Language department takes a week to recognize the different languages that are spoken and taught in the district. This week from Monday, Jan 8 through Friday, Jan 12 DGS will be celebrating World Language Week. This is a time to commemorate the vast cultures and languages that are expressed here at DGS.

During World Language week there are several activities that DGS students can partake in and become involved with. Each day will be dedicated to a certain language that is either taught or spoken at DGS. Here is a rundown of the week.

Monday, Jan 8 – Kick off Day

Tuesday, Jan 9 – French

Wednesday, Jan 10 – German

Thursday, Jan 11 – Spanish

Friday, Jan 12 – Arabic

Although this week is ran by the world languages department, students do not have to speak a foreign language or be enrolled in a language class to be involved. Every day during second period, announcements will be made to highlight that day’s language. Also, there will be posters throughout the school with interesting facts and information on the languages and cultures at DGS. Trivia contests for students will also be held where students will have to guess the locations of DGS faculty in photos taken all across the world. Look out for those on the second floor on the World Languages bulletin board between the D and A hallways.

For the students who are enrolled in a foreign language class, there will be fun facts, trivia and music during class periods. These students will also have the opportunity to take part in the study abroad on Thursday, Jan 11, where teachers will be highlighting the different types of study abroad programs and why they are a valuable option.

Spanish teacher Cyndi Montero shared the origin of World Language week and its importance. “The National Executive Council of Alpha Mu Gamma created World Language Week in 1957 to make the United States more aware of the need for and importance of foreign language study,” Montero said.

This week is dedicated to creating discussion and opening the door for DGS students to become involved with different cultures and their languages. World Language Department Chair Tara Dellutri is really excited and hopeful for the week. “World Language Week gives us the opportunity to involve the entire school community in celebrating the importance of learning about other languages and cultures.  We hope that students and faculty will join in on learning about each other’s experiences as well as learn about the information shared throughout the school,” Dellutri said.

Students of DGS should be looking forward to this celebration to not only talk about other languages but to explore the immense world we live in through the eyes of people of foreign cultures.