Freshmen top the girls varsity tennis lineup

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Katie Anthony

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Issue 5
May 18, 2018
May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018
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Freshmen top the girls varsity tennis lineup

In their first season at DGS, freshmen Gerda Jucys and Jillian Urgello have claimed the top two singles spots on the girls varsity tennis team.

Jucys currently plays number one singles for the girls varsity tennis team here at DGS, and Urgello joins her at the top, playing number two singles for the team.

Two freshman holding the top two singles spots does not happen every year according to varsity coach Robert Kud.

“I think it’s unique to have our two top spots be freshmen, they have been working their whole lives trying to get to this level, so we are happy they are here representing DGS,” Kud said.

Jucys began her career playing tennis at a local club, and hasn’t stopped since.

“I have played for nine years straight and it felt good to know that my hard work finally paid off,” Jucys said.

For Urgello, her love for tennis came from watching her family play.

“Both my dad and brother played Tennis when I was younger, so that is what got me into it,” Urgello said.

Even with their spots secured this season, the girls have not stopped working on their game each day.

“Practices are pretty intense, we are always playing, we are out there at least two hours a day,” Jucys said.

“They’re a coach’s dream, they’re always there early, they’re always on time, stay late. They always do what they need to do, they do a lot of offseason, they work hard,” Kud said.

When the girls aren’t practicing at DGS, they are competing in matches against other schools. Coach Josh Forst and Kud recognize the drive and competitiveness the freshman have exhibited this season, especially when performing in competitions.

“When they are winning it shows and when they are losing you can see that it really really means a lot to them,” Forst said.

“What I love about these freshman is if they lose, you can tell they’re going to come back harder and they’re going to get those girls next time,” Kud said.

With three more seasons ahead of them there is still room for growth. Both the players and their coaches have big goals for the rest of the girls high school careers.

I would love to see at least three state trips from each of them, maybe four,” Kud said.

“My biggest competitor is myself, I just want to do my best and be proud of what I accomplish,” Urgello said.

Jucys and Urgello will be competing in sectionals on Oct. 13 at Lyons Township High School.

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