Vogt hopes to tumbles and stunts her way to state

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Senior cheerleader Rylee Vogt has her makeup on, her bow tight in her hair and wearing the navy and columbia blue she has worn since her freshman year. While at sectionals, a smile is smeared across her face as she waits for her DGS team to be called to advance to state.

Vogt has been in this very spot for the past 4 years and has never once walked away with what she came to sectionals for: a trip to state.

Last year, Vogt and her teammates made it down to sectionals, but struggled to get into the final five. They came close with a 9th place finish.

Vogt is ready to see what this season has to offer because every season brings a new atmosphere and talent. “ Our team is basically all sophomores and freshmen… That’s why I also think we might be better this year because it is a whole new team,” Vogt said. 

Vogt, along with her team believes this year will be one to remember because of all the young, new cheerleaders.

Since more than half of this seasons’ team is underclassmen, they will be watching her every move.

Vogt also hopes to contribute her own leadership skills to the team in order to get them to where they want to be. “ Me and Jayna [Vogt’s fellow cheerleader] are basically the second coaches,” Vogt said.

After witnessing the past cheer captains, it is now Vogt’s turn to take on the responsibility of having a leadership role on the team. Not only are her teammates depending on her to step up, but her coach also expects her to hold the other cheerleaders accountable.

The varsity captain role she is seen in today did not come overnight. Freshman year, Vogt was placed on the junior varsity cheer squad. After countless hours of tumbling and and stunting, Vogt was placed on varsity. She has kept this varsity position for the past three years.

Vogt’s love for cheer all started in fifth grade when one of her best friends convinced her to join Panthers, the Downers Grove cheerleading club. Ever since, she has fallen in love with just about everything cheer related.

The team aspect and how it has turned into her second family has made her come back to DGS cheer year after year.

Vogt and her team are ready to conquer their goal of state and all of the challenges that come their way. “What I’ve learned is if you want to be successful, like in our case making it to state, you have to work hard for it. You can’t just expect it,” Vogt said.