Alumni Patrick O’Neil drops debut mixtape


TeKavin Russell

PattyO’s newest album is all about his experiences of improving his rap skills.

TeKavin Russell, Grapics/Photo Editor

“Time Flies” according to DGS alumni Patrick O’Neil aka PattyO. Many students remember PattyO from the 2022 spirit assembly where he performed “Industry Baby” with another student covering Jack Harlow’s verse.

PattyO finally dropped his debut mixtape “Subzero” on Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. After leaving his listeners with no album since he released his lead single “Cooper Kupp” in March.

PattyO started the conversation that Eminem and Jack Harlow are not the only white rappers that can succeed in the rap game. PattyO writes all of his lyrics and creates his own flows.

The mixtape consists of 6 songs, featuring artists like MC BOB and DJ Fame who are both Soundcloud and Instagram influencer rappers. DJ Fame has 600 monthly listeners on spotify. This mixtape shows PattyO fans what he can do and how versatile he can be.

PattyO raps about his experiences of trying to get into the rap game and being the most slept-on new rapper. For decades hip-hop has spoken truth to power and challenged the status quo.

Despite how tough the rap culture can be when it comes to showing love to new artists, PattyO keeps the mindset that anything is possible with consistency and uniqueness.

“My grind never stops, either people gonna hate what I put out, or they gonna love it. I’m doing it for the love,” O’Neil said.

He does what the best rappers do using figurative language, sports metaphors, and cocky bars while rhyming with a calm, casual flow.

Junior Jessica Lander explained why she likes the music PattyO created.

“I like how he picked his beats and created lyrics that rhymed and were catchy to make it easier for his fans to learn,” Lander said.

You can listen to PattyO’s music on Apple Music, Spotify or Soundcloud. If you would like to see more of this artist follow him on instagram @pattyomusic.