Winter cheer tryouts flip the season around


Ava Lafin

When trying a new stunt or trick, the whole team will stand around to help base.

Ava Lafin, Editor-in-Chief

Cheer tryouts happen twice a year, in contrast to other sports. Both varsity and junior varsity teams have open tryouts for their winter competition and basketball season. This year a large turnout resulted in more varsity members compared to past years.

Junior Ashley Maas made varsity cheer after trying out for the winter season.

“I have gymnastics, dance and cheer experience. I wanted to do something new that I liked,” Maas said.

Both cheer teams learn sideline cheers for football that transfer over to basketball. The new team members need to learn the cheers in a more timely manner with basketball season around the corner.

“I have to learn around 20 cheers which can be stressful. I enjoy everyone on the team and its exciting to learn these to perform during basketball games,” Maas said.

Head coach Shannon Lahey spoke on the latest tryout.

“We had a big turn out this year and got two girls who are on our varsity team. Usually we put the girls who tryout mid year on JV, so things were a bit different this year,” Lahey said.

The team also learns and practices their competition routine during their winter season. Due to Illinois High school Sports Association rules, they must practice this routine only during the designated dates of the winter season.

The team participated in a stunt boot-camp this summer where they started to get ideas for the winter season. The addition of new team members can affect the current stunt groups.

“I am an alternate on the team which means I go in when people are hurt, sick, etc. I am a base and at the beginning of the season we were just trying out where I fit best,” Maas said.

The team is preparing for their upcoming competition on Saturday Dec. 3.