Senior Areana McCulloch cashes in on the business world


Maggie Stanley

Senior Areana McCulloch has owned a small business since the height of the pandemic.

Maggie Stanley, Freelance Writer

Senior Areana McCulloch has owned a small business since the height of the pandemic. She sells made-to-order custom items to those in her community. She started by creating a custom onesie and, by summer of 2022, she was creating and selling new custom products every day.

After learning how to create the products from her stepmom, McCulloch has made all of her products on her own. She takes a design or phrase of the customer’s choosing and follows a simple process to get that design printed on a plain clothing item or a cup.

“I use an app called Cricut on my phone and my laptop, and basically I use a picture that somebody sent me, and I kind of just label it back onto that, and then I print it out,” McCulloch said.

This business has given McColloch a taste of the real world and an outlet for her creative skills.

“I felt like a little businesswoman – I felt pretty cool,” McCulloch said.

Most business owners have a supporter along the way; someone who purchases their products endorses the company or offers moral support. For McCulloch, that individual is her dad.

“Whenever I make something, he’s the first person that I show, and he’ll usually post it off of his Snapchat or Facebook,” McCulloch said.

McCulloch discovered the benefits that come along with owning a small business. She has found a way to save some money due to learning how to design products for her customers.

“If I see something that I like, I can make it for myself for lower prices,” McCulloch said.

Owning a small business has also had an impact on McCulloch’s character. Her involvement in the business has helped her to learn more about herself.

“I found myself to be more of a creative, outgoing person,” McCulloch said.

Her passion for creativity and design will not be fading anytime soon.

“I plan on keeping it as a little side hustle,” McCulloch said.

You can support McCulloch and buy one of her custom products by sending her a Snapchat, a text, or a DM on Instagram at Elite Designs.