Soon to be film director Roselyn Lozada scripts her upcoming future


Anikan Lim

Roselyn Lozada presents her skills in using a camera that she learned how to operate in TV1.

Not many high school students can claim they know what they want to dedicate their life to. But for senior Roselyn Lozada, it’s different: she wants to be a film director.

One of Lozada’s earliest memories that sparked her interest in becoming a film director was watching the superhero crime film “The Dark Knight” featuring Heath Ledger as The Joker and Christian Bale as Batman.

“It’s storytelling whether it’s bad or good, it’s just beautiful storytelling from peoples’ perspectives, and I just love that, and I want to incorporate my storytelling someday,” Lozada said.

Lozada holds admiration for her mother, who works hard and inspires Lozada to persevere through her life’s greatest challenges. Having a great role model in Lozada’s life allows her to fully commit to her dream.

“She has done so many things in her lifetime, and it’s just amazing. Like, she went through going through these low-paying jobs to becoming a manager at an insurance broker and that to me is inspiring,” Lozada said.

Lozada decided to pursue her career in film during freshman year when she began reviewing and rating her mother’s childhood movies in her numerous notebooks.

“I carried a lot of notebooks at the time, and sometimes I would give them to my mom because she would show me a childhood movie of hers and I’m like, ‘Well this is what I didn’t like about it and this is what I do like about it’ and then I would give it a rating out of ten and she would be like ‘OK miss director,’” Lozada said. Her mother’s words opened up the idea of a film career.

Although Lozada has a shy personality, her passion towards film lights up the fire and excitement in her eyes as she connects and bonds with the subject of film.

“I’m a very shy person so like asking for help is gonna be super hard, but you know what, this is my dream,” Lozada said. With perseverance and determination, Lozada plans on conquering any obstacles in her way to becoming a film director.