Hot take : the school is too hot and too cold


Photo by Amanda Despres

Student studys in the learning commons wearing shorts on the bottom and a sweatshirt on top.

Amanda Despres, Social Media Director and Business Manager

I never know what to wear to school. If I’m going in the C hallway on the second floor that day, I better bundle up. If I’m going in the A hallway though, I better bring some shorts. The temperature throughout the school has never been consistent, but it seems like this year it’s been more inconsistent than ever before.

Here is my plea: please, fix this issue and keep us comfortable.

Senior Kaitlyn Vincent has a schedule that makes her visit many parts of the building throughout her day. She questions every morning what to wear so that she can comfortably sit through her classes.

“It’s really annoying because I go to one class and it’s freezing cold, and then the next one is burning hot, so you don’t know how to dress for the day because you are either cold or hot and there is no middle,” Vincent said.

As students we value consistency. Every year students face a problem with consistency, whether that’s within our school schedules, friendship or in this case the temperature of the building. We as students spend 7 hours a day, 5 days a week in this building.

The past two years have not provided any sort of consistency. As students, we thrive with consistency. In lately, it’s been hard to thrive.

Besides just consistency issues, the varied temperatures can cause illness. Every year it seems as though the back to school cold goes around the school. Senior Leiana Abraham believes that the inconsistent temperatures throughout the school is not helping us get over this cold. Shivering in one class and sweating in the other, does not help our bodies with fighting off viruses.

“I think it is a very big problem because a lot of people are getting sick right now and the temperatures are becoming very cold and because of this temperature change, it is affecting students’ health, and people are getting more sick,” Abraham said.

I know it’s not only affecting some people. It’s a whole school problem.

All I want is to be able to sit in my classes comfortably without wiping sweat from my forehead or having to borrow a classmate’s jacket. All I want is some consistency within this school.