Peter McPoland’s released promising new single


Abigail Durkin

His first TikTok was a cover of the song “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion.

Abigail Durkin, Opinions Editor

The Vermont born artist, Peter McPoland, presents another optimistic single to start of 2022. Released on Feb. 25, 2022, “Come Around,” a melody-filled pop-folk song that deals with romanticism and idealism.

Using themes of young love, McPoland sings from the perspective of a person who has become obsessed with the idea of being with their crush. The lyrics convey a charming message for their person to “Come Around,” fulfilling his daydreams of a happy relationship.

The chorus is paired with a contemporary indie instrumentation , including pop guitars and a repetitive drum beat. The simplicity of the melody is pioneered to allow McPoland to explain why he is enamored with his muse.

“Don’t you know you’re wonderful?/ Don’t you know you’re beautiful?/ Don’t you know how long /I’ll wait for you/ To come around”

After the first chorus, McPoland takes fast moving chord progressions from previous works and incorporates them with his blushing melodies. Making sure to let his youthful glow shine, especially at the bridge.

“If I die tonight, if I die tonight/ I’d die loving you for the rest of my life/ If I ever die, if I ever die/ I’d die loving you for the rest of my life”

His vocals throughout carried a high-spirited warmth that made the listener want to “Come Around”.

The song was a bold move for the young artist, nevertheless he proved that sad love songs don’t always have to be slow paced. A promising message for fans with his debut EP, Slow Down, set to be released on May 20, 2022.